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World Geo.-Africa-Video Notes/wkshts (ellebo's)

what is the name of the place just to the southeast of cairo that is world famous for it's pyramids
why were the pyramids built?
tombs for pharoahs
approximately how many 2.5-ton blocks were needed to build a typical pyramid?
2 1/2 million
what is egypt's second most popular tourist destination after cairo?
what is the most famous tourist site there?
valley of the kings-underground tombs
who built the massive stone monument at abu simbel on the nile at the bottom of egypt to show southern africans egypt's greatness
pharoah ramses the great
why did powerful pharoahs spend do much energy building the pyramids?
they thought after being mummified they would be living forever so they wanted the tomb to last forever
what was the greatest egyptian (perhaps even world) treasure ever found
king tut's tomb
what spared his tomb from grave robbers?
died as a teenager king-quickly forgotten-nobody knew of him/his tomb
what is the soul of egypt?
the nile
what side of the river is the historic burial ground for egyptians?
the nile's western shore
in addition to looting their possesions meant to accompany them for eternity, how else were mummies mishandled in the past?
rudely manhandled, center of social events-"unwrapping the mummy party", crushed up in powder, collected
where is pharoah ramses the great's mummy today?
tomb in the luxor area, taken to egyptian museum in cairo
how many people gathered at independence square in accra, ghana to see and hear president clinton?
what did president clinton declare to the ghanians during his historical first address?
we all came out of africa
what were the four goals of clinton's trip to africa? (1st)
work with africa to nurture democracy
what were the four goals of clinton's trip to africa? (2nd)
increase trade and investment in africa
what were the four goals of clinton's trip to africa? (3rd)
resolve the war and genocide that still tear at the heart of africa
what were the four goals of clinton's trip to africa? (4th)
preserve the magnificent natural environment that is left
president clinton expressed regret with rwandan president pasteur bizimungu that...
they did not do as much as they couldve done to stop the genocide
when was the rwandan genocide?
about how long did the genocide last?
less than 4 months
approx. how many people perished in the genocide?
up to a million people
the three biggest issues addressed in the entebbe, uganda summit for peace and prosperity declaration that president clinton signed were what?
deepen efforts to promote rights, work together to build a new economic future where the talents of african people are unleashed, work together to banish genocide
what endangered animal is being helped at the mokolodi nature reserve in botswana?
president clinton was in the veld at the mokolodi nature reserve in botswana meaning temperate...
grasslands of s.africa
what did president clinton say about s.african president nelson mandela?
thank god all those years his heart didn't turn to stone and didn't give up dream for s.africa
where (in what country) did the clinton's go on a safari?
us army special forces help train soldiers from which african country?
what type of radio broadcasting service did president clinton establish in africa?
radio democracy (voice of africa)
what is the mission of this broadcasting service?
to promote human rights and democracy throughout the continent
president clinton gave rev. jesse jackson what special job regarding africa?
special envoy to africa (ambassador)
what did president clinton visit on goree island, senegal, the last stop of his historical sub-saharan africa tour in 1998?
the last slave house built in 1776 that held africans about to be sent to america as slaves
people who bulit pyramids and were ruled by monarchs called pharoahs
pictures and symbols that the early egyptians used fro writing system
early egyptians learned how to predict my annual floods-which they depended on for farming
nile river
empire took control of n.africa and ruled until late 1800s
ottoman turkish empire
the european country that took over egypt in 1882 so they could control the suez canal
great britian
led the military officers who overthrew the libyan monarchy in 1969, then adopted anti-western policies
mu'ammar gadhafi
desert nomads who live along the sinai peninsula in egypt
official language of every country in n. africa
the capital of egypt and the largest urban area in all of africa
the religion that most north africans follow, plays important role in north african life
islam (people are muslims)
nearly all of the people of north africa consider themselves to be arav berbers, berbers meaning...
a culture group that lived in north africa long before waves of arab armies crossed the continent
the aswan dam was bulit in the 1960s just north of lake _______, and ______, egypt's south gate built by ________________, was dissasembled and moved to save it from being flodded
nasser, aby simbel, pharoah ramses the great
the city in morocco that became a center of trade between western africa, arabia and europe is
the region in north africa that wants to be independent even though morocco sees otherwise is
western sahara
when and to whom was nelson mandela born?
1918, south african tembu tribe
when did nelson mandela earn his law degree?
what was the role of the ANC during mandela's younger years?
african national congress, main black resistance organization during apartheid
what was the spear of the nation?
branch of ANC committed to acts of sabotage and attacks on targets symbolizing apartheid
what event led to mandela becoming actively involved in the spear of the nation?
after apolice shooting massacre, 1960
why was mandela sentenced to life in prison?
treason-betraying the country, evidence of overthrowing the government
how long was mandela in prison?
over 25 yrs
of those years, how many were spent in isolation in cell #5 on robben island?
18 yrs
how often could mandela send and recieve letters while he was in prison?
twice a year
when was mandela released from prison?
feb. 1990
mandela and deklerk, the south african leader who ordered the release of mandela, were awarded what prize for their efforts to end apartheid?
nobel peace prize-1993
when mandela won the first ever fully democratic presidential election in south africa in 1994, what did deklerk become?
vice president
the liberation struggle in south africa involved liberating the black south africans and what else?
liberating afrikaaners from fear
what was the happiest day in nelson mandela's life as president of south africa and why was this so?
going to the rugby world cup and seeing the nation come together
who did mandela marry on his 80th birthday?
graca mandela-widow of pres. of country above mosambique s.africa
what did mandela do on the 10th aniversary of his release from prison?
2000-he opened a museum honoring his life
what did mandela urge south africans to do in his farewell address to the government in 1999?
build on the country's peaceful transition from white minority rule(apartheid) to democracy