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selling documents


christians that protested against catholic churches



Columbian Exchange

people, diseases, ideas, and goods where distributed around the world


great and often violent change

divine right of kings

european kings and queens ruled by the will of god


popular representitive body


plan for government


pre-modern period("rebirth")

French Revolution

1789 and was the end of the renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci

painted mona lisa and the last supper

Michelangelo Buonarotti

mural on the sistene chapel

Geoffrey Chaucer

wrote The Cantebury Tales

William Shakespeare

wrote Hamelet and Romeo and Juliet

Miguel de Cervantes

wrote Don Quixote in spanish

Johannes Gutenberg

invented the printing prees

Protestent Reformation

the movement to change the catholic church

Martin Luther

german monk and scholar and rotestent leader

John Calvin

protestant leader

Bartholomeu Dias

reached cape of good hope

Vasco da Gama

reached india

Christopher Columbus

italian navigater and discovered land unknown to europe

John Locke


Jean Jacques Rousseau


Napoleon Bonaparte

milatary hero and dictator

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