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Specify the allowable use of the program
Software Ownership Rights
when someone purchases software prog, the don't get actual software they get
Software license
Specifies the conditions under which a buyer of the software can use it
Software license
ex of software license
how many compt you can store it on
Copyrighted software that is developed and sold for profit
Commercial Software
Typically comes with a single-user license
Commercial Software
4 basic categories of software
comm, shareware, freeware, public domain
out of 4 basic categories of software what are copyright
out of 4 basic categories of software what are NOT copyright
Copyrighted software distributed on the honor system
Consumers should either pay for it or uninstall it after the trial period
Copyrighted software programs that are given away by the author for others to use free of charge
Software that is not copyrighted and ownership rights have been donated to the public domain
Public Domain Software
any of the 4 basic categories of software can be
open source software
Programs with source code made available to the general public
open source software
ownership given to public
restriction of open soure softwarre
can be changed and shared w/ comm but org copyright must stay in tact
Mobile phones and mobile devices typically require
mobile software called apps
mobile software called
d apps
Installed Software
Must be
installed on the computer before it can be run
installed software is on
hard drive
Installed Software Can be purchased
physical form
downloaded from internet
Web-based Software delieverd
on demand by wen
Web-based Software Also called
Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloudware
web based software advantages
Files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection
Ease of implementation
Improved collaboration capabilities
Always working with the most current version of software
web based software Disadvantages
Online applications tend to run more slowly
Have file size limits
Cost may eventually exceed the cost of purchasing a similar installed version of the software
Collection of software programs bundled together and sold as a single software package
Software Suites
Office suites are used by most
businesses/individuals to produce documents
ex of office suites
Word processing software
Spreadsheet software
Database software
Presentation graphics software
Additional productivity tools like calendars, messaging programs, or collaboration tools
office suites provided ____ among prog in suuite
a common interface
all suites available for all operating systems
Cost is lower than buying each program separately
Toolbars, Menus, Keyboard Shortcuts, and the Ribbon
Common Software Commands
Ribbon used in
Microsoft Office 2007 and later
Commands are organized into groups located on tabs
appear on the Ribbon as needed and contain special commands
contextual tabs
Changing the content of the document, such as inserting or deleting words
Editing a Document
Indicates the current location in a document, which is where the changes will be made
Insertion point
Changes the appearance of the document
Changes font face, font size, and/or font color
Changes line spacing or margins
Adds page numbers and/or borders
Often built into the program and typically contains:
Table of Contents
getting help
. Software programs that are distributed on the honor system and can be legally and ethically shared with others to try out the software are referred to as ______________________.
a. shareware programs
b. commercial software
c. public domain software
. True or False: Software purchased via the Internet is always in downloaded, not packaged, form.
. A group of related software programs sold together as one unit is called a(n) ______________________.
software suite
Using a computer and word processing software to create, edit, save, and print written documents such as letters, contracts, and manuscripts
word processing
Common Word Processing Software Programs
Microsoft Word
Corel WordPerfect
Apple Pages
Automatically returns the insertion point to the next line when the end of the screen line is reached
word wrap
font face, size, style, or color)
Character formatting
(line spacing, indentation, tabs, alignment, and styles)
Paragraph formatting
margins, paper size, orientation, headers, footers, etc.)
page format
headers, footers, footnotes, end notes, table of contents, index, background, theme)
document format
Allow content to be organized i consisting of rows and columns
Allow images to be inserted into a document (clip art, photographs, drawn images, etc.) and then modified
Graphics or Drawing Features
Help users create new documents quickly
Most word processing programs today include Web-related features allowing you to:
Send a document as an e-mail message
Include Web page hyperlinks in documents
Create or modify Web pages
Create and publish blogs
Collaborate with others online
Documents containing a group of numbers and other data organized into rows and columns
Spreadsheet software used to create
electronic spreadsheet
Most widely used spreadsheet programs:
Microsoft Excel
Corel Quattro Pro
Apple Numbers
use spreadsheet software to do
Data analysis tools
Charts and graphs
A single spreadsheet
A collection of worksheets saved in a single file
Worksheets are divided into
rows and columns
The intersection of a row and a column
Each cell is identified by
a cell address
Cell pointer marks
current cell
Groups of cells are called
ranges or blocks
Data is entered into
current cell
Text-based entry in a worksheet cell that identifies data on the worksheet
Numerical entry in a worksheet cell
constant vlaues
Perform mathematical operations on the content of other cells
start with
Use mathematical operators
Named, pre-programmed formulas
Cell addresses are adjusted as the formula is copied
Relative cell references
Cell addresses are not adjusted as the formula is copied
Absolute Cell References
Necessary when the formulas should always use the value in a particular cell, regardless of the cell in which the formula is placed
Absolute Cell References
Use $
Absolute Cell References
Tools frequently used to help make business decisions
What-If Analysis
Changing the line spacing of a document is an example of which word processing feature?
a. word wrap
b. editing
c. formatting
True or False: A label is a special type of named formula, such as SUM to add up a group of cell values.
. A spreadsheet document created in a spreadsheet program is often called a(n) ______________________.
A collection of related data that is stored in a manner enabling information to be retrieved as needed
Software that allows the creation and manipulation of an electronic database
Database Management System (DBMS)
Database Management System
Most widely used relational database programs
Microsoft Access
Oracle Database
A single type of data to be stored in a database
collection of related fields
collection of related records
collection of related tbales
Databases contain
tables, queries, forms, reports
`how to create database
1. databse file
2. table
3. table structure
4. fields
5. named and saved
unique identifying name)
field name
text, number, date, object)
data type
maximum number of characters)
field size
initial content of the field)
default value
Tables can be created in either
Datasheet or Design view
Lists all data and looks similar to a spreadsheet
Using Datasheet View
Created by the user and typically displays just one record at a time
A question; a request for specific information from the database
Contains criteria to specify the records and fields to be included
Created when a more formal output is desired
An image designed to visually enhance a presentation
What Is a Presentation Graphic
A one-page presentation graphic that can be displayed in a group with others to form an electronic slide show
A group of electronic slides that are displayed one after the other on a computer monitor or other display device
electronic slide show
Used to create presentation graphics
Presentation Graphics Software
Most common presentation graphics programs are
Microsoft PowerPoint
Corel Presentations
Apple Keynote
Shows thumbnails of all slides in presentation
Used to rearrange the slide order
Slide Sorter View
programs can be used to generate Web pages or Web page content
Presentation graphics
Graphical images, such as digital photographs, clip art, scanned drawings, and original images created using a software program
Technically refers to any application that contains more than one type of media
Often used to refer to audio or video content
Typically used to create bitmap images (Microsoft Paint)
Painting Programs
Used to create or modify images
Graphics Software (Digital Imaging Software)
Typically create images using mathematical formulas—vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW )
Drawing Programs (Illustration programs)
Designed for touching up or modifying images
Image Editing or Photo Editing Programs
Used to create and edit audio files (narrations, podcasts, etc.)
Audio Capture and Editing Software
Modifies existing videos
Prepares video clips for presentations or Web sites
Video Editing Software
Organizes content to be transferred to DVD
Importing videos, creating menus, burning onto a DVD
DVD Authoring Software
Records data on recordable or rewritable DVDs
DVD Burning Software
Common consumer video editing programs include
Roxio Creator, Apple iMovie/iDVD, etc.
Programs designed to play audio and video files
Media Players
Often used by individuals and businesses to create Web sites or content to be shared via the Web
Graphics, Multimedia, and the Web
A single type of data to be included in a database (viewed as a column in a table) is called a ______________________.
a. record
b. field
c. table
. True or False: Each slide in a slide presentation can contain only one type of element, such as text, an image, or a video clip.
Recording content on a CD or DVD disc is referred to as ______________________ the disc.