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Ms. Tedrow's class: Some of these are pretty obvious but it's good to know :)


person, place, thing, or idea

common noun

begins with lowercase letter (city)

proper noun

begins with capital letter (Audrey)

possessive noun

shows ownership (Audrey's)


takes the place of a noun

personal pronoun

1st person: pronouns having to do with "me"; 2nd: "you"; 3rd -> everyone else

reflexive pronoun

reflect to "self" (myself, yourself, yourselves, himself, themselves, itself...NOT: hisself, ourself, theirselves))

interrogative pronoun

Ask a question (Which? Whose? What? Who? Whom?)

relative pronoun

Start a dependent clause (Who, that, which, whom, whose)

demonstrative pronoun

demonstrate which one (this, that, these, those)

indefinite pronoun

don't refer to a definite person or thing (each, either, few, some, all, most, several, few, many, none, everyone, more, much, both, etc."


modifies adjectives (REALLY awesome), verbs (QUICKLY ran), and other adverbs (EXTREMELY quickly)-NOT is ALWAYS an adverb


modifies noun (I hate GREEN foods) and pronouns (everyone was SAD) [articles: a, the, an]


starts a prep. phrase and shows the relationship b/w a noun/pron. and another word in the sentence. (in, of, by, until, except, during, for, from, with, to, etc.)

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