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Ho Chi Minh

A world wanderer and a man of many names. Means "He who Enlightens,"

Ngo Dinh Dinh

South Vietnam non-Communist leader

Domino Theory

if you knock over the first one they will all fall very quickly


It's main goal was to overthrow of Diem's government.

Tonkin Gulf Resolution

This gave the president authority to take "all neccessary measures to repel any armed attack against forces of the U.S.."

Ho Chih Minh Trail

a network of jungle paths. The north Vietnamese used them to bring weapons & supplies to S.Vietnam.

Students for Democratic Soiety

a variety of civil rights, pacifist,religious,and students groups that shaped the antiwar movement.


those who supported the war


those who opposed the war

Credibility Gap

The gap between the Johnson Adminstration and the American public support

Dien Bien Phu

the French military base fell after a 56-day siege by Vietnam troops

General Westmoreland

the commander of u.s. forces in vietnam

Guerilla War

Sabotaged people who fought an ran away

Henery Kissinger

the secretary of the state during the Nixon presidency

Kent State Shooting

Incident in which National Guard troops fired at a group of students during a antiwar protest at Kent State University in Ohio, killing four people

Pentagon Papers

a 7,000-page top-secret U.S. government report on the history of the internal planning and policy-making process within the government itself concerning the Vietnam War

Tet Offensive

surprise attacks on cites all over S.Vietnam

Agent Orange

A herbicide that is believed to contaminated many Americans and Vietnamese

War Powers Act

act that grants emergency executive powers to president to run war effort


policy of equipping and training of the S. Vietnamese to fight fot themselfs


league for the independence of vietnamese of vietnam:group of vietnamese nationalist organized int he 1940s by Ho Chi Minh to drive the japenese out of Vietnam

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