11 terms

7th S.S Ch 6 Sec 2

Ancient Latin America
floating gardens of Aztecs--grew corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, peppers
Machu Picchu
An Inca city built of stones.
Hernan Cortes
Spanish soldier that claimed the Aztec Empire for Spain 1521
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish soldier that defeated Inca empire for Spain in 1531
Columbian Exchange
The trade of goods and ideas between Spain and Latin America. A time of change. Latin America traded slaves, silver, corn, peppers and tomatoes. Spain traded cloth, peaches, pigs
A basic writing system using symbols. A system developed by the Maya.
1. Studied math and astronomy (stars) 2. Had calendar based on sun's movements 3. Developed writing system (hieroglyphs) 4. Slash-and-burn farming
1. "Wandering warriors"--warfare was important 2. Chinampas- floating gardens to grow crops
1.Farmed--built terraces on mountainsides 2. Built stone roads and structures
Ruler of the Inca Empire when conquered by Pizarro
Montezuma II
Aztec leader who was conquered by Cortes