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a New Testament book containing an exposition of the doctrines of Saint Paul dealing with the idea that we need to become 'right with God'.

1 Corinthians

First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, seventh book of the new testaments. composed this letter in Greek, to the Christians of Corinth, Greece. Paul wrote them to reestablish himself as their spiritual father


capital city of Achaea; Paul founded a major Christian church there


the former center of the both the ancient Roman Republic and the Roman empire;capital of present-day Italy

Apostle Paul

A Jew from the Greek city of Tarsus in Anatolia, he initially persecuted the followers of Jesus but, according to Christian belief, after receiving a revelation on the road to Syrian Damascus, he became arguably the most significant figure in the spread of Christianity and the shaping of its doctrine.


a form of artificial asexual reproduction in which the branch of one plant is inserted into the stem of another plant

Lord's Supper

The sacarament in which Jesus gives his true body, and true blood in bread and wine to all who come to eat and drink


request for a sum of money


believed that Jews and Christians were members of the same religious sect, expelled the Jews from Rome in AD 49

Romans 1

God's wrath against sinful humanity

Romans 9

Israel's past privilege and the new status of the Church

Temple of Aphrodite

Located in Corinth
Aphrodite the goddess of beauty and erotic love.
The temple hired Sacred Prostitutes whose duty it was to provide a worship experience with the business men of the city

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