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  1. Ukraine
  2. India
  3. Dominican Republic
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Sucre
  1. a Which country controls more area of the island of Hispaniola?
  2. b The Rub' al Khali (or Empty Quarter) is located within which country?
  3. c Which country produces the largest number of motion pictures per year?
  4. d La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia. What is the constitutional capital?
  5. e If you travel east from Slovakia, which country will you enter?

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  1. The United States mined Baker and Howland Islands in the pacific for what natural resource?
  2. Which country attempted to adjust the International Date Lne so that the entire country would have the same day?
  3. From what European country did Venezuela declare its independence?
  4. Which West African country's north and south boundaries parallel a river?
  5. Which country is the United States largest trading partner?

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  1. SeychellesSuriname was formerly a colony of which European country?


  2. LuzonMyanmar was fomerly known by what name?


  3. Red SeaWhich country is the largest in the world by area?


  4. EstoniaWhat Baltic state has Talinn as its capital?


  5. JavaWhat Southeast Asian communist state has the capital city Vientiane?