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  1. Ghana
  2. United States
  3. Morocco
  4. Pope
  5. Liberia
  1. a What is the title of the leader of the Vatican City?
  2. b Which country controls Western Sahara?
  3. c Lake Volta is located in which African country?
  4. d Guam is a territory of which country?
  5. e Which African country was settled by freed slaves?

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  1. Which mountain range runs through Austria?
  2. Which island country can you drive to from Saudi Arabia?
  3. What is the world's most visited mountain?
  4. Bougainville and the Bismarck Archipelago are controlled by which country?
  5. Which country has the highest per capita income?

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  1. German, French, Italian, RomanschWhich mountain range is the traditional division between Europe and Asia?


  2. IcelandWhich country is the most populous in the world?


  3. ItalyWhat is the world's most densely populated island?


  4. IrelandThe Gulf of Bothnia is located off the coast of which country?


  5. BurmaMyanmar was fomerly known by what name?