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  1. Nunavut
  2. Tonga
  3. France
  4. 31
  5. Japan
  1. a Mexico is divided into how many states?
  2. b What is the name of Canada's newest territory (1999)?
  3. c Okinawa is part of which country?
  4. d Which Pacific island country has a constitutional monarchy?
  5. e Which country relies more on nuclear power -- France or Romania?

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  1. Name the 4 islands that make up the Greater Antilles.
  2. Which country is divided into Turkish and Greek sectors with United Nations peace-keeping forces monitoring a cease-fire line?
  3. Which continent contains the most countries?
  4. Which country was formerly known as the New Hebrides before it gained independence from France and the United Kingdom?
  5. What is the world's largest gulf?

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  1. Lake NicaraguaWhich lake is on the border between Chad and Cameroon?


  2. Lake VictoriaWhich lake is on the border between Chad and Cameroon?


  3. LaosSavaii and Upolu are the two largest islands of which country?


  4. IndonesiaEast Timor recently gained independence from what country?


  5. St. HelenaOn what British-controlled island in the Atlantic was Napoleon finally exiled until his death?