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  1. Canada
  2. Vanuatu
  3. Java
  4. India
  5. Saudi Arabia
  1. a Which country was formerly known as the New Hebrides before it gained independence from France and the United Kingdom?
  2. b The sacred Muslim city of Mecca can be found in which country?
  3. c What is the world's most densely populated island?
  4. d Which country is the United States largest trading partner?
  5. e Which country produces the largest number of motion pictures per year?

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  1. What is the smallest autonomous state in the world?
  2. The ancient city of Carthage can be found in which modern country?
  3. How many provinces does Canada have?
  4. Which major river flows through Venezuela?
  5. The mouth of which major river is located in Mozambique?

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  1. Lake NicaraguaWhich is the largest lake in Central America?


  2. FinlandThe Gulf of Bothnia is located off the coast of which country?


  3. LiberiaWhich African country was settled by freed slaves?


  4. UAEWhich country is located west of Haiti, Cuba or the Dominican Republic?


  5. TongaWhich Pacific island country has a constitutional monarchy?