Anatomy TEST TWO

besides releasing chemical c what else must happen in order for the muscle to relax
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chemical reactions in the human body are controlled by special catalytic molecules calledenzymesa dehydration synthesis reaction between glycerol and a single fatty acid would yield amonoglycerideall organic compounds in the human body contain all of the following except?calciumthe lightest of an atoms constituentscarries a negative charge ( electron )this is a result of the types of atoms involved and the ways those atoms combine and interactuniquenessall atoms other than this have both neutrons and protons in the nucleushydrogentotal elements found in the human body27elements strive to have complete outer shells and if they are not complete they are considered to beunstablechemical bonds created by the electrical attraction between anions and cationsionic bondsif an element has 5 6 or 7 in its outer shell it is an electronacceptorelectrons spending more time orbiting an element because it has a stronger attraction is an example of what type of covalent bondpolar covalent bondenzymes belong to a class of substances called ______ which is a compound that _____________ chemical reactionscatalysts / speeds upwhat is the most important constituent of the human bodywaterwhat percent of muscle tissue is water75%what percent of RBC is water60%what percent of plasma is water92%what is considered to be neutral on the pH scalepH of 7what compound makes up half of the US dietcarbohydrateswhat are the four things that the energy from the breakdown of ATP is used for?1. muscle contractions 2. movement of cytoplasm 3. movement of chromosomes 4. transporting substances across cell membranes