M&HO Chapter 2


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What does the Latin word vocare, from which the word vocation is taken, translate into?
to call
How does the laity seek the Kingdom of God?
engaging in daily, worldly tasks and directing these to God's will
Priestly and religious vocations are dedicated to the ______ of the Church
Bishops and their helper priests are entrusted with--
teaching, sanctifying, & governing the Church in the name of Christ
Religious sisters, brothers, and priests live out their promises of _______, _________, & __________ and of engaging in missionary work as directed by their _______
chastity, poverty, obedience
Part of the formula for determining our life's calling is easy to decipher. What is that part?
your "caller" remains the same God of the Old and New Testaments
What are the four characteristics common to any location according to James VanOostings?
-person is called for a special person
-that person has a special gift
-there's always a caller
-accepting a vocation leads to a life of sacrifice, faith, & often sadness
What are some examples of broad life decisions involving a particular Christian vocation?
-will i be married?
-will i be a lifelong single person?
-will i choose a religious vocation as a sister/brother
-will i pursue priesthood?
T/F: Any undue concern about your future should be eliminated when you come to an understanding that God is in control of your life and that God only wants the best for you
Define divine providence
God's interest and action in guiding his creation to perfection
T/F: We should trust that our heavenly Father will take care of our "bigger" needs but not our smaller day-to-day needs
T/F: Following God's will for our lives brings us blessings & holiness
T/F: God's Kingdom will reach its fullness only at the end of time, so we should not work for it right now
False; we are to live, experience, and work for it right now
What reflections did Saint Claude de la Columbine share on how to pray for God's will for our lives?
can pray..
-to obtain what we want
-to be delivered from evil
-to accept all of God's gifts as blessings
What are some of the ways of prayer JC modeled?
-praised the Father
-thanked God
-prayed prayers of petition and intercession
-prayed with trust
T/F: JC prayed before most of the important decisions of his life
false; all
What are 3 different ways we can express our prayer?
-vocal prayer
-contemplative prayer
________ is the name for a process of prayer that incorporates many types of prayer. It calls us to look at---
It involves---
-look at all sides of a decision, considering many alternatives
-praying over a decision, asking for the guidance of the HS, and finally actually making a decisions, acting on it, and evaluating it
What do you need to have sensitivity to when beginning any discernment process?
your innermost feelings and desires
What is the purpose of centering prayer?
finding God in the depths of yourself
What are sources of prayer?
-Sacred Scripture
-practicing virtues
T/F: If you make centering prayer a habit, you will be better able to think about your life and describe how you feel about a variety of your experiences
At your age and stage in life, what is the intention in discerning your lifelong vocation?
to consider prayerfully some first steps that my eventually lead to a Christian vocation
Name 3 steps based in the Ignatian model that can help you on the way to a Christian vocation
-dream and imagine
-gather info
-pray over the options & evaluate
Seminarians are ___ who attend a ________ or school focusing on _______ in training and formation for the life of a _____-
men, seminary, theology, priest
Religious novices are ______ or ___ who have entered a _______ order but have yet to take their final ____
women, men, order, vows
T/F: Discernment is really a prayerful pondering or deliberation of the few options available to you in life
false; many
what should your goal be as you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option?
to try and understand them as God might do so for your life
Holy Orders and Matrimony are mainly directed to the ______ and ______ of _________
holiness, salvation, others
Those who are ordained are appointed to ________ others by sharing God's _____ and ___ with the whole Church in _____'s name
nourish, word, grace, Christ
Those who are married help one another attain ____ and they pass on the faith to their ______ thereby extending the People of God well into the ______
holiness, children, future
Because of their focus on ______, these sacraments are called---
others, Sacraments at the Service of Communion
How do lay people live out Christ's mission as priest, prophet, and king?
-priest: uniting our lives to Christ's sacrifice, participating in Mass
-prophet: teaching and evangelizing
-king: removing sin in secular institutions
What is the main reason the single life is not often thought to be a permanent Christian vocation?
there's no ritual to mark a commitment to single life
T/F: The single life is not an authentic and valuable vocation
What are some of the reasons a person might choose to remain single according tot he Catechism?
-care for his/her family
-give himself/herself more completely to a profession
-serve other honorable ends
What are some of the benefits of a vocation to the single life, both for the single person and for the Church?
-without the responsibilities of marriage/religious life,s ingle people can have a dedicated devotion to their career
-single persons have a greater opportunity for silence and solitude that is often translated to a deep prayer life
-single people have the time to develop talents in creative areas that improve the equality of life in the world for all
-because they are not committed to any one person, single persons are free to love all
T/F Money problems are probably the greatest challenge faced by single persons
fale; loneliness
Why is living a chaste life difficult in this day and age for single adults?
society and culture promote promiscuity and uncommitted sexual relationships
Define consecrated life
a life dedicated to living by the evangelical counsels of poverty, obedience, and chastity
What commitment have those who follow the call to the consecrated life made?
-follow Christ more completely
-give themselves to God above all things
-seek out the perfection that comes with loving God and others
T/F: Religious are both men and women, lay people, and ordained
Traditional ways the consecrated life is practiced in the Church include--
This is the type of consecrated life that we commonly describe as---
living in community with others
-religious life
Other styles of consecrated life include--
-eremitic life
-taking a vow as a consecrated virgin/widow
-participating in a secular institute of consecrated life or a society of apostolic life
T/F: The most common characteristic of religious life is belonging to a community
What is the difference between active and contemplative forms of realities life?
active: in ministries out in the world
contemplative: isolated, live in silence and solitude
What are female religious contemplatives known as? Male?
nuns, monks
What do contemplative religious center their lives around?
silence, solitude, studying, praying, doing penance
Consecrated lifestyles that do not require a person to be fully processed member of a religious community:
-consecrated virgins: women who live a life of perpetual virginity but remain lay women and support themselves
-secular institutes: forms of consecrated life for single lay people and diocesan priests; process the evangelical counsels but do not take public vows and do not live in a community (Apostasy)
-Societyes of Apostolic life: members do not take public vows but engage in many good works for the Church
Give an example of a
-consecrated virgin
-society of apostolic life
-Saint Lucy
-Knights of Columbus
The stages of formation for the the consecrated life include:
-temporary profession
-perpetual vows
the first stage in which the candidate lives with the community
-the person is called a postulant
after a period of about 1 year, the candidate progresses to a more intensive time of study
-typically lasts for 2 years
temporary profession
makes temporary vows which are renewed annually for up to 9 years
perpetual vows
make a public, perpetual profession of religious consecration
marriage is a vocation founded by God with what intention?
-furthering the human race
-offering the means that contribute to the eternal destiny of husband, wife, and kids
T/F: Marriage is modeled on Christ's union with the Father
false; the Church
What helps us to imagine and prepare for marriage?
living in a Christian family
What are the practical things you can do now to prep for a possible vocation to marriage?
-respect & honor
respect and honor
demand giving other people their due and acknowledging their worth and goodness
good conversation involves excellent listening skills
marriage demands faithful and unbroken commitment
in marriage, a husband an wife are faithful to each other physically. for you, chastity means refraining from sex until marriage
married people have a particular, exclusive love for one another. You can prep for it by cultivating an exclusive and deep love for God through prayer, works of charity, and love for God through prayer, works of charity, an d love for your neighbor, including your enemies
Some of the signs that a man is being called to priesthood may include:
-other people telling him he would make a good priest
-a desire to pray
-going to Mass more than usual and imaging himself as the presider
-trying out some of the ministries associated with priesthood
What are 3 degrees some of the ministries the sacrament of Holy Orders is received in?
How do ordained ministers serve the Church?
-leding worship
What is the great secret in the Gospel of Mark known as?
-the messianic secret-- who is JC, what's his mission, how do we accomplish discipleship
What are the conditions of being a disciple according to JC?
"whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me"
During Jesus' journey to Jerusalem, what does Jesus teach us it means to be a disciple?
-must put personal desires aside to follow the Father's will
-must accept suffering, even to the point of death
-must serve others
Briefly explain how Matt Talbot lived as a disciple of JC
conquered alcoholism through prayer, study, almsgiving, fasting, and penance
-obeyed the Father's will and lived a life of prayer
How did Fr. timothy Vakoc accept suffering event to the point of death?
he believed the safest place for him was in the center of God's will, and that if he was in the line of fire, that's where he'd be
How did Gigi McMillan serve others?
provides support groups and programs for cancer kids and their families
As you mature in faith, what are you challenged to put aside?
your own desires in order to follow God's will
What are some suggestions for growing in your relationship with JC?
-spend more time in prayer
-do not seek out suffering, but accept disappointments, setbacks, and pain
-do something helpful for another person
What is the difference between a calling and a profession?
-profession is associated with a career
-calling is God's will
priestly and religious vocations are dedicated to--
service of the Church
formula for discerning own vocation
-must ask self what gift is
-can you make a lifelong commitment to it
-how will you sacrifice
Lou Holtz's formula
-think about what it is you like to do
-determine something you like to do that you're also good at
-find someone to pay you for it
most popular vocation
radical service
religious vocation
"a state of journeying"
the universe, including each person, is created by God in a state of journeying toward an ultimate perfection that hasn't yet been reached
unconscious collaborators
God will always work in us and with us as unconscious collaborators of his will
How can we enter more completely into the divine plan?
by consciously aligning our prayersm actions, and sufferings with him
Example of Solomon teaches---
following God's will for our lives brings us blessings and holiness
natural creation shows--
god never stops giving us good things
meaning of the Lord's prayer
we pray to follow God's will each time we say it
Francis de Sals' suggestions
love God with all one's heart
Why does God permit moral evil
he respects our freedom and knows how to derive good from evil
a good first step
determine when and where you can devote at least 10 minutes to a centering prayer
a dialogue with God in which the greater half is spent listening to what God has to say
steps in the centering prayer process
-find a quiet place to pray
-select and repeat a word that makes you think of God and his love
-thank God for his presence
Lessons from Ignatius Loyola's story
God communicates through feelings
-long-lasting peace originates in God
most essential element of the process of planning for a vocation
results of the process of planning for a vocation
there will be a point where you will e able to make an informed decision about an important vocational choice
Sacraments of Initiation
-Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist
-intended for our holiness and salvation
-provide us with the graces needed to live a life in Christ and evangelize the world with our words and actions
benefits of matrimony
provides added sources of consecration for duties of marriage and parenthood
benefits of Holy Orders
serve common priesthood
characteristics necessary for single life
-dependence upon God
common characteristic of religious life
belonging to a community
difference between diocesan priests and members of religious communities
-the religious priest is ordained and a brother is not
-members of a religious community take does
-diocesan priests make a promise of poverty-- more secular
lesson from Gigi McMillan
best thing to pass on is a sense of community