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Krebs Citric Acid Cycle

Enzymes and Molecules
Name in order the Molecules of the TCA cycle.
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C- CitrATE
A- cis-AconitATE
I- IsoCitrATE
S- AlphaKetogluterATE
S- Succinyl-CoA
S- SuccinATE
F- FumerATE
O- OxaloacetATE
Name the order of the Enzymes in the TCA Cycle:
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S- citrate SynthASE
A- AconitASE
A- AconitASE
I- Isocitrate DehydrogenASE
DK- Alphaketogluterate DehyrdrogenASE
S- succinyl-CoA SynthASE
S- Succinate DehyrdrogenASE
F- FumarASE
D- malate DehyrdrogenASE
Name the Molecules and Enzymes in consecutive order from the picture:
Name the Amino Acid with the Abbreviation A