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  1. intolerable
  2. wily
  3. dolt
  4. malodor
  5. eminent
  1. a adj- unbearable; painful; impossible
  2. b noun- bad odor
  3. c adj- crafty; sly
  4. d noun- an unintelligent person
  5. e adj- superior in position, fame, or achievement; standing out; prominent; distinguished; easy to see or notice

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  1. noun- someone who is very social and outgoing
  2. adj- agressively and arrogantly certain about unproved principals
  3. adj- inborn; instinctive
  4. adj- evil sinister
  5. verb- attract by offering hope or reward of pleasure; to attract; tempt; persuade

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  1. inundateverb- to overwhelm with abundance or excess


  2. haplessnoun- bravery or courage


  3. eloquentadj- cautious; using good judgement; wise


  4. anarchynoun- chaos; disorder; lawlessness


  5. incomprehensibleadj- unable to understand; mysterious