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  1. valor
  2. premeditated
  3. congenial
  4. fray
  5. antiquated
  1. a noun- a noisy quarrel or fight
  2. b adj- planned; intentional; calculated; well thought out
  3. c adj- plesantly agreeable; friendly
  4. d noun- bravery or courage
  5. e adj- out of date; old fashioned

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  1. verb- to put up with; tolerate
  2. noun- difference in opioion
  3. adj- upsetting; confusing; disturbing
  4. verb- to surrender; to give in; to give up
  5. adj- unlucky

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  1. amendsnoun- friendship


  2. spurnadj- lively, animated, energetic


  3. expoundverb- entirely without; lacking


  4. marnoun- a noisy quarrel or fight


  5. languidadj- lazy; lacking ingterest; relaxed; unenergetic