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  1. inveigle
  2. testy
  3. beseech
  4. incomprehensible
  5. disconcerting
  1. a adj- upsetting; confusing; disturbing
  2. b adj- irritable; bad-tempered
  3. c adj- unable to understand; mysterious
  4. d verb- to beg
  5. e verb- to trick

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  1. verb- to pretend
  2. noun- a lot; a superabundance of something
  3. verb- to distance; to estrange; to make unfriendly; to make somebody feel that he or she does not belong to or share in something, or is isolated from it
  4. verb- to plan, to develope, to create
  5. adj- embarrassed; ashamed

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  1. malcontentadj- laying hidden or undeveloped; potencial; covert; concealed


  2. obstinateadj- stubborn; determined; inflexible


  3. speculativeadj- deserted; barren; bare; gloomy


  4. saganoun- a long story often telling the history of a family


  5. transfigureverb- to change