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  1. deprecate
  2. forsake
  3. mar
  4. pert
  5. impertinent
  1. a adj- lively, animated, energetic
  2. b adj- rude; insolent
  3. c verb- to damage or injure, spoil, or ruin
  4. d verb- to express disapproval of; to criticize
  5. e verb- to leave or abandon OR to give up or turn your back on

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  1. verb- to blame or scold in a sharp way
  2. noun- a long story often telling the history of a family
  3. noun- chaos; disorder; lawlessness
  4. verb- to fin faul with; to blame
  5. verb- to fill with love and desire; to charm or captivate

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  1. spurnverb- to push or drive; to reject


  2. antiquatedadj- out of date; old fashioned


  3. abscondverb- to sneak away and hide


  4. eminentadj- superior in position, fame, or achievement; standing out; prominent; distinguished; easy to see or notice


  5. fretfuladj- worried; anxious


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