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  1. incongruity
  2. daunting
  3. exonerate
  4. relish
  5. alienate
  1. a verb- to free from accusation or blame; to free from responsiblity or task
  2. b noun- inconsistency; disharmony
  3. c verb- to take great pleasure or delight in
  4. d adj- intimidating; causing one to lose courage
  5. e verb- to distance; to estrange; to make unfriendly; to make somebody feel that he or she does not belong to or share in something, or is isolated from it

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  1. verb- to express disapproval of; to criticize
  2. adj- reserved; quiet; not talkative
  3. adj- lazy; lacking ingterest; relaxed; unenergetic
  4. verb- to declare legally valid; legalize
  5. verb- to tolerate, to bear, to suffer, to undergo

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  1. disclosolateverb- to put down (make fun of); to mock; to belittle


  2. enfeebleverb- to weaken


  3. reprehendverb- to regard someone with respect and admiration; to respect; to admire


  4. elucidateverb- to ponder; to reflect upon


  5. insidiousadj- evil sinister