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  1. eminent
  2. inconstant
  3. exonerate
  4. transfigure
  5. ebullience
  1. a adj- superior in position, fame, or achievement; standing out; prominent; distinguished; easy to see or notice
  2. b verb- to free from accusation or blame; to free from responsiblity or task
  3. c verb- to change
  4. d noun- enuthiasm; bubbling with excitement
  5. e adj- fickle, unsteady in affections, likely to change one's mind, unpredictable

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  1. adj- unhappy; gloomy; sad
  2. adj- laying hidden or undeveloped; potencial; covert; concealed
  3. verb- to make clear or fully explain
  4. verb- to detest or really dislike; to hate
  5. noun- someone who is not social and outgoing; a shy person

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  1. inundateverb- to distance; to estrange; to make unfriendly; to make somebody feel that he or she does not belong to or share in something, or is isolated from it


  2. vindicatedadj- not to blame; justified; innocent


  3. forsakenoun- a noisy quarrel or fight


  4. quenchnoun- a mission; a search; a pursuit


  5. capitulateverb- to declare legally valid; legalize


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