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  1. antiquated
  2. intolerable
  3. insidious
  4. vile
  5. plethora
  1. a noun- a lot; a superabundance of something
  2. b adj- unbearable; painful; impossible
  3. c adj- out of date; old fashioned
  4. d adj- evil sinister
  5. e adj- repulsive; disgusting

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  1. noun- chaos; disorder; lawlessness
  2. adj- stubborn; determined; inflexible
  3. adj- marked by honor, generosity, or courtesy; valiant; good mannered; couragous; polite
  4. adj- agressively and arrogantly certain about unproved principals
  5. adj- notorious; having a bad reputation

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  1. expoundverb- to explain or interpret


  2. ruminateverb- to ponder; to reflect upon


  3. doltnoun- an unintelligent person


  4. latentadj- laying hidden or undeveloped; potencial; covert; concealed


  5. ensueverb- to tolerate, to bear, to suffer, to undergo