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  1. vile
  2. beseech
  3. adherent
  4. ebullience
  5. congenial
  1. a noun- enuthiasm; bubbling with excitement
  2. b noun- a follower of a leader; supporter
  3. c verb- to beg
  4. d adj- repulsive; disgusting
  5. e adj- plesantly agreeable; friendly

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  1. verb- to put down (make fun of); to mock; to belittle
  2. verb- to make or become greater; to increase
  3. noun- inconsistency; disharmony
  4. adj- evil sinister
  5. noun- a long story often telling the history of a family

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  1. dogmaticverb- to detest or really dislike; to hate


  2. inveigleverb- to trick


  3. malcontentadj- dissatisfied with existing conditions


  4. forsakeverb- to blame or scold in a sharp way


  5. diffidentadj- prominent; outstanding; striking; spectacular