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  1. elucidate
  2. confiscate
  3. daunting
  4. spurn
  5. wince
  1. a verb- to flinch; to shrink back or start aside in pain
  2. b verb- to make clear or fully explain
  3. c verb- to reject
  4. d noun- to seize
  5. e adj- intimidating; causing one to lose courage

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  1. noun- a mission; a search; a pursuit
  2. verb- to put up with; tolerate
  3. verb- to fill with love and desire; to charm or captivate
  4. adj- commanding respect by virtue of age, dignity, character, or position; respected
  5. adj- too hasty in acting or speaking

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  1. plethoranoun- a long story often telling the history of a family


  2. beseechadj- irritable; bad-tempered


  3. extrovertverb- to beg


  4. ruminateverb- to ponder; to reflect upon


  5. quenchverb- to extinguish, to put out or satisfy one's desire