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  1. extrovert
  2. desolate
  3. odious
  4. testy
  5. alienate
  1. a adj- disgusting; offensive
  2. b verb- to distance; to estrange; to make unfriendly; to make somebody feel that he or she does not belong to or share in something, or is isolated from it
  3. c adj- deserted; barren; bare; gloomy
  4. d adj- irritable; bad-tempered
  5. e noun- someone who is very social and outgoing

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  1. noun- a premonition; a sense that something is about to occur
  2. adj- stubborn; determined; inflexible
  3. verb- to fin faul with; to blame
  4. verb- to trick
  5. verb- to put down (make fun of); to mock; to belittle

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  1. prudentadj- superior in position, fame, or achievement; standing out; prominent; distinguished; easy to see or notice


  2. plethoranoun- a model or pattern of perfection or excellence


  3. rashverb- to take great pleasure or delight in


  4. deviseverb- to plan, to develope, to create


  5. endureverb- to tolerate, to bear, to suffer, to undergo