Chapter 4 pivot point cosmetology


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Light,heat,chemical and magnetic changes are all produced by
Electric current
The movement of electricity along a conductor is called
What is the technical name for any electrically powered appliance
Since silver and copper transport electricity easily they are called
Material such as glass rubber or paper that do not allow electricity to flow through them are called
An ampere is a unit of electric
A volt is a unit of electric
Which of the following materials does not allow a current to pass through it
A unit of electrical resistance is called
The measure of how difficult it is to push electrons through a conductor is called
The measure of how much electrical energy is being used is called
Direct current
A Constant electrical current flowing in one direction is called
What changes direct current into alternating current
Alternating current
Electric current that flows first in one direction and then the other is called
What changes alternating current into direct current
The power source used most often in a salon
10 amperes
The very minimum ampere rating of a circuit operating a single thousand watt blow dryer would be
If appliances are causing more current to flow than what the circuit is designed to carry what could occur
A closed path through which electrons travel is referred to as a
Turning a light switch on
Of the following actions would be an example of closing a circuit
Short circuit
Dropping an electrical appliance into water is an example of
What is the name of a device with a fine metal wire running through it which will Melt and open the circuit if too much current is flowing through it
Circuit breaker
What is a device used to protect a circuit from being overloaded
Grounding wire
A special wire use on some appliances for conducting high and sudden flows of electric current out of the appliance is called
What type of shock passes through the nervous system
Pour water on it
Which of the following methods is not recommended for extinguishing an electric fire
Curling iron's and heat lamps are examples of which type of electrically powered equipment
Passes through small part of the body
What does a local shock to you
Using electric clippers in cosmetology work would be an example of which kind of electrical affect
Touch the person to ground the circuit
Which of the following steps should not be followed to break the circuit when a person comes into contact with an electric current
Application of special electric currents that have certain facts on the skin is known as
Which of the following currennts is an example of low voltage direct current and high amps
Wall plate
In order to apply special currents to the skin what device is used to reduce the current from a typical 120 Volt power source to a level safely handled by the human body
When performing an electrotherapy procedure what apparatus or current conductor is being used to bring the current from the appliance the client skin
Galvanic current
The oldest form of electrotherapy used in the salon is
What is the type of current that has an electrochemical effect
Is usually colored black
Which of the following statements is not true about the anode
Which process uses a negative pole or electro to force negatively charged alkaline solutions into the skin without breaking the skin
Which process uses the positive electrode to force acidic solutions into the skin without breaking the skin
Softens tissues and opens pores
Which of the following statements is not true about Cataphoresis
What process can use either the negative or positive pole to introduce water soluble treatments products to the skin
Softens tissues
Which of the following describes it is not a temporary affect of the positive pole of galvanic current
Opens pores after facial treatment
Which of the following statements is not true about a positive pole of galvanic current
What type of electrotherapy current is considered superior to faradic current therapy because it penetrates more deeply
Indirect method
Which of the following items would be used during a Faradic current treatment
High frequency and alternating current are characteristics of which type of electrotherapy
Improve blood search circulation
Hey benefit of Telsa current therapy may clued
Decreased rate of metabolism
Which of the following benefits is not believed to derived through application of the high-frequency current
1 milliampere
The maximum amount of current used in galvanic temperature should not exceed
Telsa treatments should be limited to no more than how many minutes in duration
The chemical breakdown of the skin caused by an intense heat is called
Visible light
The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that humans can see is called
White light can be broken down into its individual wavelengths by the use of a
Which type of light can create blue or cool tones
Which of the following types of light carries the most energy
The following types of light has the shortest wavelength
What light creates the closest substitute for natural light
Bacteria that cause skin infections can be killed by which kind of light
Vitamin D
Small doses of ultraviolet light may help the body produces
Decreased skin gland secretion
Of the following affects is not a benefit of using infrared light during a facial