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  1. What was the Company's final response to leaving Lothlorien?
  2. What did the company realize about Lady Galadriel's gaze as they later talked about it?
  3. What happened when Frodo mentioned that he'd like to see the Lady of the Elves again before leaving?
  4. What was placed in the boats, for the Company that alleviated Sam's worries?
  5. How did Lady Galadriel temp Sam into looking into the mirror?
  1. a She seemed to be offering them a choice as an alternative to going on the quest, possibly a test
  2. b rope
  3. c As they spoke, she was approaching
  4. d See reminded him that he wanted to see Elvin magic before leaving.
  5. e They cried

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  1. Celeborn and Galadriel
  2. lembas
  3. Going to Minas Tirith to help deliver
    Gondor or to continue his journey to Mordor.
  4. Gifts of food and clothing
  5. They all cried aloud with grief and amazement

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  1. What clothing was given to the Company?Hoods and cloaks which blended into various backgrounds,
    that seemed to have magical properties.


  2. What did Lady Galadriel say after the experience with the One Ring?See reminded him that he wanted to see Elvin magic before leaving.


  3. What happened when Frodo offered the One Ring to Lady Galadriel?She talked about how she would replace the Dark lord and come a beautiful and terrible ruler. She grew tall and transformed. Then she went back to normal.


  4. Nenya, the Ring of Adamant?The magic in the ring she has, which sustains the Elvin land of Lothlorien would also be destroyed causing the land to fade away. They would have to leave forever into the West.


  5. 11. What was given to the other members of the Company by Galadriel?He blushed