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  1. What did the company realize about Lady Galadriel's gaze as they later talked about it?
  2. What did Celeborn furnish the company with for the next part of their journey?
  3. What two possible courses of action was Aragorn torn between?
  4. What gifts were given to Aragorn?
  5. In what ways did Lady Galadriel say that Frodo had grown keener since having the One Ring?
  1. a A sheath for his sword and a Elfstone brooch named Elessar
  2. b Going to Minas Tirith to help deliver
    Gondor or to continue his journey to Mordor.
  3. c He saw the eye and noticed the ring on her finger
  4. d Light weight boats
  5. e She seemed to be offering them a choice as an alternative to going on the quest, possibly a test

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  1. They all cried aloud with grief and amazement
  2. Sam. He saw evil things happening in the Shire
  3. rope
  4. A Great Swan
  5. As they spoke, she was approaching

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  1. What did the elves love to call Gandalf?A sheath for his sword and a Elfstone brooch named Elessar


  2. What was the Company's final response to leaving Lothlorien?A Great Swan


  3. What happened when Frodo offered the One Ring to Lady Galadriel?He blushed


  4. What was Lady Galadriel in possession of?A boat in which sat Celeborn and Galadriel


  5. Who were the first two of the Company to travel to the meeting hall?Frodo and Legolas