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  1. What did the company realize about Lady Galadriel's gaze as they later talked about it?
  2. What did the elves love to call Gandalf?
  3. Who were the first two of the Company to travel to the meeting hall?
  4. How did Lady Galadriel temp Sam into looking into the mirror?
  5. 11. What was given to the other members of the Company by Galadriel?
  1. a Pilgrim Grey
  2. b Boromir, a belt of gold, to
    Merry and Pippin silver belts with golden flower clasps, to Legolas, an Elvin bow, to Sam, a box of
    Lothlorien soil, to Gimli, three strands of her hair, and to Frodo, a small crystal phial containing the light
    of Earindil's star
  3. c She seemed to be offering them a choice as an alternative to going on the quest, possibly a test
  4. d Frodo and Legolas
  5. e See reminded him that he wanted to see Elvin magic before leaving.

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  1. Hoods and cloaks which blended into various backgrounds,
    that seemed to have magical properties.
  2. A boat in which sat Celeborn and Galadriel
  3. Celeborn and Galadriel
  4. To the Mirror of Galadriel
  5. They cried

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  1. Which two of the Fellowship had become fast friends?Pilgrim Grey


  2. Who was the first to look into the mirror and what did he see?Sam. He saw evil things happening in the Shire


  3. As the Company stayed in the land, what did they hear the elves singing?Songs of lamentation for Gandalf


  4. What was placed in the boats, for the Company that alleviated Sam's worries?Gifts of food and clothing


  5. What did Lady Galadriel say after the experience with the One Ring?I pass the test now I'll diminish into the West.