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Who was the energetic Hungarian immigrant who made his successful newspaper even more popular with " The Adventures of the Yellow Kid" comic strip?

Joseph Pulitzer

Which president made the United States Navy second only to that of Great Britain?

Theodore Roosevelt

Who was the commander of the US troops which were training to fight in Cuba?

General W. R. Shafter

Those who opposed America's gaining territories as a result of the Spanish-American war included all of the following except: Theodore Roosevelt; Jane Addams; Mark Twain; William Jennings Bryan

Theodore Roosevelt

Where did the Rough Riders receive their training?

San Antonio, Texas

What was Americas first billion dollar corporation?

US Steel Corperation

The "__________" was the fleet of warships to circumnavigate the globe?

The Great White Fleet

Three types of men TR recruited for his cavalry troop were..

cowboys, desperadoes and polo players

Who applied that Cuban discovery to Panama?

Dr. William Gorgas

Who was the head of the US Forest Service under TR?

Gifford Pinchot

Who pioneered reforestation in America?

Henry Heardtner

This stuffed animal is said to be the result of and incident during a hunting trio that President TR went on.

Teddy Bear

In business, bigness often meant..


A kind of company whose only business to own other companies is a....


Congress passed what law in 1890 making it a crime to conspire to restrain trade or commerce?

Sherman Antitrust Act

Person who shot McKinley was an...


Mistreated coal miner decided to take action. The leader was..

John Mitchell

Whom did the Spanish governet sent to put down the Cuban Revolution in 1895?He set up "concentration" camps.

Valeriano Weyler

Who owned the US Steel Company?

Andrew Carnegie

Who owned the New York Journal?

William Randolph Hearst

What Cuban hero led uprisings against Spain during the 1800's?

Jose Marti

Who discovered while he was working in Cuba that malaria and yellow fever were carried by the mosquito?

Walter Reed

What national park did Roosevelt visit?


What did the Americans invest in from the Cuban industry?


Opposed Americans gaining overseas territories. (were anti-imperialists)

Mark Twain and Jane Addams

American battleship that went to Cuba

USS Maine

What were muckrakers?

journalists who looked for scandals

One who believes in no government


What did John McKinley try to do?

tried to negotiate a settlement. Didn't want to fight

What were 3 new territories to the US?

Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam

What book did Roosevelt write?

The Strenuous Life

What was the difference between Umpire vs. Guardian?

Umpire controls, Guardian protects

Was the first colored cartoonist that created "The Yellow Kid"

Richard Outcault

What is sensationalism?

newspapers using exaggeration tactics to get more people to buy them

What was JP Morgan?

banking monopoly

Who wrote The Influence of Sea Power Upon History?

Alfred T. Mahan

Socialist candidate for president in 1904

Eugene v Debs

He led the US navy to defeat the Spanish fleet

Admiral Dewey

He assassinated McKinley

Leoh Czolgosh

What were changes made by Teddy R

Conservationist (adding parks and forests), progressive income taxes

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