Chapter 15 Study Guide

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Double Approach Avoidanceindividual must choose between 2 or more alternatives, each of which has attractive and unattractive aspects (France or North Carolina)Fight or Flightused for defense and survival ... adrenal glands are stimulated to produce hormones that increase blood sugar and adrenaline which enables the body to use energy quicklyAlarm, Resistance, ExhaustionStages of general adaption syndromAlarmbody mobilizes fight or flightResistanceperson finds means to cope with stressorExhaustionadrenal glands and other glands have been taxed to their limitAnxiety, Anger, FearEmotional and Cognitive Responsesanxietyfeeling of imminent but unclear threatangerirate reaction likely to result from frustrationfearusual reaction when a stressor involves real or imagined dangerweight gain/loss, inability to focus, sleep loss, and short temperednessBehavioral Reactionsheadaches, stomach aches, and muscle painsshort term physical effects of stresspeptic ulcers, hypertension, arthritis, asthma, and heart diseaselong term physical effects of stress