Language Chapter 10: Nervous System Test

53 terms by kimpossible67

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Part of the brain that controls muscular coordination, movement and balance


Disorder of reading, writing, and learning


Abnormal sensation of tingling or prickling

Cerebrovascular accident

Cerebral aneurysm, thrombosis, or hemorrhage can be the cause


part of a nerve cell, branching fiber that carries the nervous impulse along a nerve cell


three protective membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord


obstruction of a blood vessel by a clot or foreign substance, floating clot; mass of material suddenly blocks a blood vessel

Cauda equina

tail end of the spinal cord, collection of spinal nerves below the end of the spinal cord


pertaining to supportive cells of the nervous system


part of the brain that serves as a main relay station


large interlacing network of nerve fibers in the peripheral nervous system


substance that helps transmit a nervous impulse


lack of strength in nerves; sense of weakness and exhaustion


Loss of mental capacity, mental decline and deterioration

glial cell

Astrocyte is an example


First part of the neuron to receive the nervous impulse, branching fiber


Essential, distinguishing cells of an organ


Space between nerve cells through which a nervous impulse is transmitted



central nervous system

Brain and the spinal cord

sensory nerve

Carries messages toward the brain and spinal cord


Microscopic nerve fiber that carries impulse from the cell body along the nerve cell

autonomic nervous system

Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves

myelin sheath

Fatty tissue surrounding and protecting the axon of a nerve cell


Glial cell that produces myelin

cerebral cortex

Outer region of the largest part of the brain; composed of gray matter


peculiar symptoms appearing before more definite symptoms


relieving but not curing

Transient ischemic attack

interruption of blood supply to the cerebrum, mini stroke




neurotransmitter, chemical messenger released at the end of neurons

Glioblastoma multiforme

malignant brain tumor of immature glial cells

Absence seizure

minor form of epileptic seizure

Tonic-clonic seizure

major convulsive epileptic seizure


Spina bifida, congenital defect of the spinal column with herniation of the spinal cord and meninges

cerebral angiography

X-ray record of blood vessels within the brain

cerebral hemorrhage

Breakage of a blood vessel within the brain

multiple sclerosis

Demyelination of tissue around the axons of CNS neurons

cerebral palsy

Paralysis and loss of muscular coordination caused by brain damage in the perinatal period

myasthenia gravis

Elapsing weakness of skeletal muscles ("no muscle strength"); autoimmune condition


Collection of fluid in the ventricles of the brain

Parkinson disease

Degeneration of nerves in the brain; occurring in later life and leading to tremors, bradykinesia

Tourette syndrome

Involuntary, spasmodic twitching movements; uncontrollable utterances


Condition of no nervous sensation


Essential cells of an organ


Beneath the thalamus; controls appetite, sleep, and the pituitary gland

pia mater

Thin, delicate innermost membrane of meninges

medulla oblongata

Part of the brain that controls respiration, heartbeat, and the size of blood vessels

arachnoid membrane

Middle meningeal membrane; spider-like


Lying between the medulla and the rest of the brain; bridge connecting various parts of the brain


Largest part of the brain


elevations on surface of cerebellum


Inflammation of a spinal nerve root

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