15 terms

Excel Ch. 1 Vocab. Quiz Lessons 5-7

Auto Fill
A feature that enables Excel to create a series automatically.
A cell entry that indicates a date or time and is stored as a date code in Excel.
Default column
The default number of characters that display in a column based on the default font.
Fill handle
A black box on the lower-right corner of the select cell or range that you can use to copy a series or formula.
Key Tips
Keyboard shortcuts for choosing Ribbon commands that you display by pressing Alt.
A list of sequential numbers, dates, times, or text.
Wrap text
A feature that causes long cell entries to appear on multiple lines within a cell.
Collapse Dialog box button
Click this button to downsize a dialog box to make a selection on the sheet, then click again to restore it to the regular size.
Contiguous range
A block of adjacent cells in a worksheet.
Cells in a worksheet that act as a block, but are not necessarily adjacent to each other.
A block of cells in an Excel worksheet.
Arithmetic operators
Symbols used in mathematical operations (+, -, *, /, ^).
An instruction Excel uses to calculate a result.
Order of precedence
The order in which Excel performs the mathematical operations specified in a formula.
SUM Function
A built-in calculation used to add a range of values together.