17 terms

Magruder's Ch. 5-6 Wren

__________ is the firm allegiance (loyaty) to a political party as the basis for government action; the Democrats and Republicans show __________ when they cannot work together.
When the two major parties find common ground or cooperate on matters of government, they exhibit __________.
__________ is the practice of drawing electoral district lines in order to limit the voting strength of a particular party or group.
political party
A _______________ is a group of persons who seek to control government through winning elections and holding pubic office. There are over 100 of these in the U.S. today although only a few run candidates for office.
major parties
The two __________ in the U.S. are the Democrats and the Republicans.
two-party system
The two major parties dominate American politics; that is to say that our government has a __________ where in a typical election only the Democratic or Republican Party's candidates have a reasonable chance of winning.
minor party/3rd party
One of the political parties in the U.S. that is not widely supported is known as a __________; the Green Party is considered a __________.
A(n) __________ is the current office holder ; President Obama is this in the Executive Branch.
In U.S. politics, the __________ is the party that controls the executive branch of government--the presidency at the national level and the governership at the State level. The Democrats are the __________ currently at the national level.
Today, the size of the American __________, the people eligible to vote is over 205 million people.
___________ means right to vote. The 19th Amendment guarantees women __________.
political socialization
The process by which people aquire their political attitudes and opinions; this process begins in early childhoood and continues throughout each person's life: _____________. Your American Government class is a part of this process.
party identification
__________, or the loyalty of people to a particular political party, is the single most signifcant and lasting predictor of how a person will vote. Most voters indicate this when they register to vote.
The term ____________ is regularly used to identify those people who have no party affiliation; this does not apply to the American Independent Party.
voter registration
______________ is a procedure of voter identification intended to prevent fraudulent voting; 49 of the 50 States require most or all voters do this in order to vote.
literacy tests
While ______________ might be used to ensure that voters have the capacity to cast an informed ballot; historically they were used to disciminate against African Americans from the 1870s through the 1960s. As a result, congress banned ________________ in 1970s.
poll taxes
Requiring voters to pay money to vote or ______________ were once common in the south; Congress and the Supreme Court banned these as a condition for voting during the 1960s.