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What is HTTP
Transmits web traffic on the internet and in intranets. Webs servers use HTTP to transmit web pages to clients' web browsers
What port does HTTP use
TCP 80
What is HTTPS
Encrypts web traffic to ensure it is secure while in transit. HTTPS is typically encrypted with either SSL or TLS.
What port does HTTPS use
TCP Port 443
What is FTP
Uploads and downloads large files to and from FTP server. Transmits in clear text.
FTP active mode uses what ports
TCP 21 for control signals, TCP 20 for data.
FTP passive mode uses what ports
TCP port 21 doe control signals, random TCP port for data.
What is SFTP
It is a secure implementation of FTP. Is is an extension of SSH, use SSH to transmit files in an encrypted format.
What port does SFTP use
TCP port 22
What is FTPS
It is an extension of FTP and uses SSL or TLS to encrypt FTP traffic.
What port does FTPS use
TCP ports 989 and 990
What is TFTP
It is used to transfer smaller amounts of data such as when communicating with network devices.
Why do many administrators disable TFTP
It is a non essential protocol on most networks that many attackers have used.
What port does TFTP use
UDP port 69
What is Telnet
A legacy protocol used to connect to remote systems or network devices over a network. Telnet transmits data in clear text.
What is a more secure alternative to Telnet
What port does Telnet use
TCP port 23
What is SNMP
Monitors and manages network devices such as routers and switches.
What ports does SNMP use
UDP port 161, and sends traps (error messages and notifications) on UDP 162
What is NetBIOS
Name resolution services for NetBIOS names on internal networks.
What ports does NetBIOS use
UDP ports 137 and 138, TCP port 139 and it can use TCP port 137 (rarely)
What is LDAP
Language used to communicate with directories such MS AD.
What port does LDAP use
TCP port 389. TCP port 636 when encrypted with TLS or SSL.
What is Kerberos
Authentication protocol used in Windows domains and some UNIX environments. It uses Key distribution center (KDC) to issue time stamped tickets.
What port does Kerberos use
UDP port 88
What is Microsoft SQL
It is a server application that hosts databases accessible from web servers and a wide variety of applications.
What port does SQL Server use
What is RDP
Used by administrators and clients to connect to other systems from remote locations.
What port(s) does RDP use
TCP 3389, UDP 3389
What is SMTP
Transfers mail between clients and SMTP servers.
What port does SMTP use
TCP 25
TCP 465 with encryption
What is POP3
Transfers emails from servers down to clients.
What port does POP3 use
TCP 110
TCP 995 with encryption
What is IMAP4
Used to store email on an email server. Allows user to organize and manage email folders in the server.
What port does IMAP4 use
TCP 143
TCP 993 with encryption
What is DNS
Resolves host names to IP addresses.
What port does DNS use
UDP 53