Rise & Fall of Empires - Macedonia

Who "liberated" Egypt from Persia?
Alexander the Great
Who dressed like his men and led them into battle?
Alexander the Great
Who conquered the Greeks and put them under Macedonian control?
Phillip II
Was Alexander the Great Greek?
No - he was Macedonian
Could Alexander the Great be considered racist?
No - he unified many different ethnic groups and adopted their different cultures into his own to create a blended culture.
What was the name of the blended culture that Alexander the Great created?
How did Phillip secure alliances amongst the different Macedonian tribes?
What did Alexander do in his government that helped his empire rise?
appointed representatives from conquered people to government positions
How far East did Alexander's empire extend?
to India
What helped Alexander to conquer the Persian empire?
the open and flat land in Asia minor
shifted alliances between Athens, Sparta, and Thebes to weaken Greece
Wars of the Diadochi
fought by Alexander's generals over his kingdom
said that his empire should go to the strongest
Persia was no longer a great power
helped Alexander conquer Persia
only allowed Greeks to rule
How Hellenistic rulers lost the trust of people living outside of Greece
said his empire should go to the strongest of his generals
traditional enemy of Greece that was conquered by Alexander
strategy used by Alexander to the unify the Greeks and Macedonians
united them against a common enemy
caused the fall of the Macedonian empire
overextension, invasion, civil war