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Chapter 13 Essays

Short answer Cotton King
Technology: The cotton gin was a major factor that contributed to cotton being a dominant crop in the Deep South
Market: The market was mostly in England and New England Mills. Because the U.S. kept increasing the number of cotton bundles being sold, the demand for cotton was up. Therefore, the supply and demand were up which is rare.
Land: Since farmers wanted to grow more cotton, they needed more land in the Deep South. Since all the land was inhabited by Indians, they kicked them off and made them travel to Oklahoma (? idk where) . Therefore it started the "Trail of Tears"
Labor: Now that the farmers had so much land, they needed more people to work the land. So they needed more slaves; this increased the demand for slave labor. This contributed to the growth and selling of slavery in the South.
Lowell Mill Girls
Working Conditions: I work a 12 to 13 hour day and about 70 hours a week. We all get paid about $4 a week. During the cold winters and hot summers, we get paid a little bonus at the end of the week because of the temperature. My friend, Lisa, had to go home is because of the unhealthy atmosphere from all the cotton particles.
Living Conditions: I live with Lisa and 6 other girls in a small boarding house. It is very cramped in my room and I don't have any privacy, even in the bathrooms because there are always so many girls sharing the bathrooms and sinks. Every morning, night and afternoon, the workers come and check that we are in our rooms.
Life at Home: Back on the farm where my mom and dad live, I didn't do anything really, I rarely did farm work because I wasn't needed. There was a limited number of jobs too. I came to the Mill because our subsistence farm needed more money.
Political: The cotton business is really doing well here. But couple days ago, a little girl got too close to the cotton gin and it ripped her hand off.
Irish (this one is super bad by the way)
About a year ago, I moved from Ireland with my child and husband. It was very bad in Ireland and the potato famine was starving everyone in my hometown. There are some challenges that we face. For example, we used all the money we had to get to America. Everyone here treats me differently because I am Catholic. They told me because the Pope is like a dictator over us, but he really isn't. I was rejected from many jobs because of this. Also, because I am not very well educated as many others. But on the other hand, unlike my German co-workers, I can speak English very well and I understand them better other foreign people. I work in a factory and the hours are so long, I get so tired when I get home. I barely have time to spend with my children. My husband works on the railroad during the night. There was a group of women in my factory that went on strike for higher wages, I was about to join, but I'm glad I didn't, because they were fired right there. The managers are very mean to us and the only reason why I have to work here and put up with all the criticism i get for being Catholic is for my son. I know he will have a better life here in America than in starving Ireland.