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BYU ELC AVL0926-0950: List 38-collocates


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+adj: a simple assertion; a famous assertion; a bold assertion
+noun: evidence to support this assertion; an assertion of the identity of X; aggression and assertion
+verb: support the assertion; test the assertion; challenge the assertion; contradict his assertion
+noun: established church; established order; established practice; established institution; established a pattern
+misc: challenge established X; threaten established X; disrupt established X; conform to established X
+adj: Chinese exclusion; social exclusion; competitive exclusion; racial exclusion; perceived exclusion
+noun: inclusion and exclusion; criteria of exclusion; exclusion act; repeal exclusion (act); principle of exclusion
+verb: repeal exclusion; justify exclusion; manifest exclusion; preexisting exclusions; combat exclusion
+adj: the vertical axis; its long axis; the horizontal axis; the polar axis; the principal axis
+noun: rotation on its axis; the Earth's axis; a north-south axis; the tilt of the axis
+verb: rotate on its axis; the axis points in X direction; it spins on its axis
+adj: dual projection; digital projection; future projection; open projection; optimistic projection
+noun: projection power; population projection; image projection; projection screen; projection circuit
+verb: projection based on X; projection envisions X
+noun: governmental agency; governmental policy; governmental action; governmental institution; governmental organization
+misc: governmental and private; governmental and non-governmental; local governmental
+adj: educational aspirations; high aspirations; an academic aspiration; democratic aspirations
+noun: career aspirations; needs and aspirations; aspirations and goals
+verb: she expresses aspirations; realize your aspirations; fulfill your aspirations; satisfy their aspirations
+adj: a critical stance; a strong stance; a tough stance; a moral stance; the ideological stance; an aggressive stance
+noun: a church's stance on X; stance on abortion
+verb: take a stance about Y; adopt a stance; maintain a stance
+noun: X entails a risk; X entails a cost; this entails a process; this entails a change
+misc: such X entails Y; this necessarily entails X; it entails a certain X; this usually entails X
+noun: transmit data; transmit information; transmit a signal; transmit disease; transmit a message
+misc: can transmit X; transmit through X; transmit via X; receive and transmit; transmit across X
+noun: encompass an area; encompass a range; encompass a variety of X; the term encompasses Y
+misc: X encompasses both A and B; encompass a broad area; encompass the entire range of X
+adj: good governance; democratic governance; global governance; corporate governance
+noun: a structure of governance; governance institutions; participation in the governance of X
+verb: promote good governance; strengthen democratic governance
+misc: most notably; several X notably; notably absent; notably lacking
+adj: successful recruitment; active recruitment; aggressive recruitment; the initial recruitment
+noun: recruitment and retention; the recruitment effort; recruitment method; recruitment and hiring
+verb: recruitment overfishing; recruitment efforts targeted X
+adj: the underlying rationale; a theoretical rationale; a strategic rationale; a compelling rationale
+noun: a rationale for intervention; rationale for the inclusion of X
+verb: provide a rationale; explain your rationale; the rationale underlying X
+noun: a novel way; a novel approach; a novel idea; a novel situation; a novel form; a novel method
+misc: X is truly novel; entirely novel; hardly novel; completely novel; incorporate novel features
+adj: a different configuration; the standard configuration; available in two configurations; various configurations
+noun: a variety of configurations; size and configuration; network configuration; design configuration
+verb: edit the configuration; select a configuration; vary the configuration
+adj: diagnostic manual; statistical manual; technical manual; detailed manual; standard manual
+noun: training manual; instruction manual; owner's manual; test manual; user manual
+verb: write a manual; publish a manual; read the manual; manual contains; check the manual
+noun: center discussion; debate centered on X; objects centered; theme centered on
+misc: centered on; centered around; centered upon; center your; centered near; mostly centered
+noun: intensive care; intensive care unit; intensive program; intensive intervention; intensive training
+misc: more intensive; require intensive X; less intensive; labor-intensive; receive intensive X
+adj: bare minimum; maximum and minimum; moral minimum; mandatory minimum; absolute minimum
+noun: minimum hours; average minimum; minimum per month
+verb: keep to a minimum; require the minimum; minimum range; recommended minimum; satisfy the minimum
+noun: applied research; applied science; applied psychology
+misc: basic and applied; externally applied
+adj: a visual cue; a verbal cue; a nonverbal cue; environmental cues; external cues; motivational cues
+noun: a performance cue; a cue card; retrieval cues; information cues
+verb: give a cue; take your cue; respond to a cue; rely on a cue; X is triggered by a cue
+adj: positive regard; due regard for X; interesting in this regard; useful in this regard
+noun: without regard for consequences; without regard to ethnicity
+verb: without regard to race; without regard for age
+noun: supportive environment; supportive relationship; supportive family; supportive services
+misc: more supportive; very supportive; less supportive; mutually supportive; generally supportive