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President Hoover hoped that public works would

Local and state were responsible

Hoover opposed direct federal relief to the unemployed because he believed that

Generally rose

Before the late 1920s, stock prices

Went home

When the senate voted the new bonus bill down, many veterans

Loans to states for financial relief

The Emergency Relief and Construction Act provided

John Steinbeck

Wrote the Grapes of Wrath, about a family fleeing the Dust Bowl

Gold standard

In 1932 the nations money was based on the ___ in which an ounce of gold could be exchanged for a set number of dollars

Investors started selling stock

Stock prices first began to decline in late 1929 because


Money that went directly to impoverished families

Bonus army

WWI veterans who marched on Washington in 1932 was called the

National Recovery Act

urged consumers to buy goods only from companies that displayed its blue eagle symbol

Douglas MacAuthur

led the troops that dispersed the bonus army

Everyone lost their money

During the Great Depression, when a bank collapsed,

Of a drought

In 1932 farmers on the Great Plains began to lose their crops because

For their WWI bonuses

WWI veterans came to Washington in 1932 to lobby Congress

Loans and banks invested in the market

The stock market crash weakened the nations banks because


Most economists agree that a key cause of the Depression was

Snow white and the 7 dwarfs

First feature length aniamated film

Polio with little use of his legs

FDR caught the paralyzing disease ___ which left him with little use of his legs

Fix the banks

To fight the Depression, Roosevelt believed the first thing to do was to

Securities and exchange commitee's

To regulate the stock market, the Roosevelt Administration created the

New Deal

Roosevelts policies for ending the Depression became known as the

Refianced failing mortages

The Home Owners Loan Corporation

Hundred days

when FDR sent bill after bill to Congress came to be called

Giving licenses to sound banks

The Emergency Banking Relief Act helped solve the banking crisis by

Paying them not to farm

The Agricultural Adjustment Administraiton tried to help farmers by

Federal deposit insurance corporation

Covered ppls savings in banks against loss

Prevent bankruns

During the depression many state governors declared "bank holidays" to

Intervention in the economy

Although disagreeing on specifics, FDR's advisers favored government


Loss of property due to nonpayment of the mortgage

Securities Act of 1933

Required companies that sold stocks and bonds to provide complete and truthful info to investors

Civilian conservation corporation

offered unemployed young men work plating trees, fighting forest fires, and building reservoirs

Glass-Steagle Act

Prohibited commercial banks from speculating on the stock market

Fireside chat

Franklin Roosevelt addressed ppl directly by radio in what were called

Civil works administration

awarded contracts to construction companies to build highways, dams, schools, and other facilities

National industrial recovery act

Promoted codes of fair competition

American liberty league

formed to oppose the New Deal

A union for the auto industry

The comittee for industrial organizaion set out to organize

a retirement program

framers of the social security act saw it primarily as

national industrial act unconstitutional

in the case schechter v. united states, the supreme court

dephosit spending

to pay for new deal programs, roosevelt abandoned a balanced budget and began using

social security

established to provide some security for unemployed workers

sitdown strike

when general motors demoted two union men, the workers staged the first __ strike, in which they stopped working but refused to leave the factory

wagner act

set up a process whereby dissatisfied union members could take their complaints to binding arbitration


what group joined the democratic party in large numbers after new deal

it hurt the seperation of powers

franklin roosevelts "court packing plan" was a serious mistake because

federal housing authority

subsidized loans for builders willing to buy blocks of slums and build low cost housing

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