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A process that involves complete or partial loss of electrons or a gain of oxygen; it results in an increase in the oxidation number of an ion

Oxidation-Reduction Reaction

A reaction that involves the transfer of electrons between reactants

Oxidizing agent

The substance in a redox reaction that accepts electrons; in the reaction, the oxidizing agent is reduced.

Redox Reaction

Another name for an oxidation-reduction reaction

Reducing Agent

the substance in a redox reaction that donates electrons; in the reaction, the reducing agent is oxidized


A process that involves a complete or partial gain of electrons or the loss of oxygen; it results in a decrease in the oxidation numbers of an atom.

Oxidation Number

A positive or negative number assigned to an atom to indicate its degree of oxidation or reduction; the oxidation number of an uncombined element is zero

Oxidation-Number-Change Method

A method a balancing a redox equation by comparing the increases and decreases in oxidation numbers.

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