19 terms

antebellum america and the south

pre war
mason dixon line
first recognized north south border
mason dixon line
when was the amistad
frederick douglas
escaped slave who traveled to different countries giving speeches
sojourner truth
escaped slave who dedicated her life to anti slavery and womens rights
manifest destiny
americas destiny for westward expansion
war with mexico years
1846 1848
president polk wanted to allow
texas to become a state but the us and mexico disagreed on the border
15 million
how much money we paid for the southwest territory
how muchmoney we pid for the tips of arizona and new mexico
upper southe states
maryland, virginia, tennessee, and north carolina
deepsouth states
georgia, south carolina, alabama, mississippi, louisiana, florida, arkansas, texas
upper south
produced more products like tobacco and hemp as well as cotton
deep south
focused solely on cotton
money to invest in a buisness
reasons why there was little industry in the south
they had alll their money invested in slaves, they were unwilling to do this, most of them were slaves with no money
the three largest cities
baltimore,charlestown,and neworleans
transportation systems of the south
natural waterways, railroad systems