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The NJ speed limit in a business or residential area, unless otherwise posted, is:

25 mph

the speed limit in a school zone, unless other wise posted is:

25 mph

double solid lines in the center of a 2-way road means:

no passing

When the pavemenet is marked with 2 centerlines, 1 solid and 1 broken it means:

You may pass on broken side

When may you pass on the right?

Only on roads with more than one lane going in the same direction, or if driver ahead is making a left turn

Laws of NJ require you to keep to the right except:

when passing

You should always yield to:

Police cars, fire engines, ambulances when they are giving warning signs

A single, solid white line across a road at an intersection means:

motorists must stop behind the line for a traffic sign or light

When 2 roads intersect and there are no signs or signals, it is a good practice to:

vehicle on left should yield to vehicles on right

When approaching or nearing an uncontrolled intersection you should:

be aware, reduce speed, be ready to stop

What is a deceleration lane?

extra lanes at a highway exit on the right

If you miss your exit on an expressway, what should you do?

take the next exit

If not prohibited by a "no turn on red sign", New Jersey law permits you to turn right on red after:

coming to a full stop and checking traffic

When it is legal to turn right on red, before turning, you must:

Yield to all oncoming traffic/pedestrians

when making a left turn from a two-way road, you should get close to:

the center of the road

when making a left turn from a two-way onto a 4 lane highway, the proper way to turn is:

aproach turn as closely to center line as possible. make the turn b4 reaching center. do not cross lanes, turn into left lane

when approaching a railroad crossing with flashing lights you must:

stop at least 15 feet from the crossing

what must a motorist do on a two-lane road, not near a school, when a school bus is stopped and its red lights are flashing?

stop at least 25 ft away

police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, volunteer fire and rescue squad members responding to emergencies use sirens and red or blue flashing lights. when you see or hear them, you must:

steer to extreme right and stop. wait for it to pass, then keep at least 300 ft behind it

what are high beam lights used for?

open country driving w/ no traffic in sight

when should you dim your lights to low beam:

city driving and in traffic, behind other vehicles or when another car is approaching

where can you not park:

50 feet of stop sign or railroad crossing

you man not park within how many feet of a fire hydrant?

10 feet

you cannot park within how many feet of a crosswalk at an intersection?

25 feet

effective july 1, 2004, motorists in NJ cannot use cell phones except:

for safety reasons or to report a criminal act, fire, traffic accident, serious road hazard, medical emergency, hazardous material, while keeping one hand on steering wheel

order of traffic light colors, top to bottom:

red, yellow, green

green light means:

go when safe

diamond shaped sign is:

warning or construction/maintenance

an eight sided sign means:

stop sign

what is the shape of a yield sign?

upside down triangle

railroad crossing sign is what color:

yellow and black

when nearing a steady yello traffic signal, you should:

stop b4 entering intersection, if you can safely do so

any change of address must be reported to Motor Vehicles within what time period?

1 week

Every vehicle registered in NJ must be insured for:

liability insurance

A person may operate a Moped with what type of license?

Basic, motorcycle, moped, commercial driver license

The holder of a validated GDL Special Learner's permit must not drive between what hours?

11:00 pm - 5:00 am

How many passengers may accompany the holder of a validated GDL Special Learner's Permit in the vehicle?

Immediate family members + one nonmember

What requirements must the holder of a validated GDL Student Learner's permit meet to obtain a Provisional License?

6 hours supervised, 17 years old, road test

at what age is the holder of a GDL Learner's Permit eligible to obtain a basic driver license?


What must the holder of a student permit always have with them white driving?

supervisor, registration, license, insurance

What are the driving hours of a GDL Examination Permit or Provisional License (under 21 years of age) restricted to?

5:01 am - 12:00 pm

The holder of a Provisional Driver Leicense, under 21 years of age, is permitted to have how many non-household members in the car?


What driving hours is the holder of a validated GDL permit (21 years of age or older ) restricted to?


What is the holder of a Provisional Driver License not permitted to use while driving?

electronic devices

How long is a provisional driver, provisional?

1 year

What requirements must a Provisonal License holder who is under 21, meet b4 they drive unsupervise?

1 year driving supervised, 18 yrs

What is the minimum period of time the holder of a validated GDL Examination (21+) permid required to drive w/ supervision?

3 months

During daylight hours when raining, a provisional driver must:

use headlights

Who is required by GDL law to wear a seatbelt in the vehicle?


What requirements must a supervising driver for the holder of a validated GDL permit meet?

3 years of having Basic license, 21 years

If a student driver commits a traffic offense, who is responsible?

supervisor + driver

How much is the fine for violation of any of the conditions of the GDL Permits or Provisional License?

100 dollars

Under GDL law, when is a person required to attend a remedial training class?

2+ moving violations totaling 6+ points

In the event of a crash or sudden stop, use of seat belts can help to:


who is required by GDL law to wear a seatbelt in the vehicle?


NJ law requires that a child must be seated in a child restraint device while riding in a car if:

less than 8 years and 80 lbs

what is the best way to take a curve

slow down before

when driving around a curve, which direction may your vehicle tend to go?


what should be used when changing lanes, turning, or slowing down?

use turn signals

b4 turning, you must signal at least how many feet in advance?

100 ft

the meaning of a hand signal when a driver's hand and arm are downward is:

stop or slow

the meaning of a hand signal when a driver's hand and arm are up is:

right turn

Whe parking downhill with a curbe on your right, your car wheels should be:


when parking uphill with a curb on your right, your wheels should be:


you can reduce your chances of being involved in an accident by knowing and using the standard accident prevention formula - what is it?

be alert, prepared, act in time

emotions can have a great effect on your driving; if you are angry or excited what should you do before driving?

cool off

the best way to "talk" to other drivers on the road is to use:

all available means/signals

it is a good practice to keep a space cushion to:

have enough room ahead to stop/pass safely

if a vehicle is passing you, you shuold:

be careful, stay in proper lane, consider slowing down

the "2 second rule" can be used at any speed to help you: determine safe following distance

determine safe following distance

u should stay how many seconds gehind the vehicle in front of you?

2 seconds

when are road surfaces most slippery?

first few minutes/light rain

when driving in the city:

drive more slowly, watch for pedestrians, look 12 seconds ahead

hydroplaning, you should:

not brake, turn, or accelerate

in new jersey, studded snow tires can be legally used between:

nov. 15, apr. 1

when driving at night, be sure that you can stop:

within distance you can see ahead

to avoid highway hypnosis when driving on an expressway:

avoid looking at any one thing for more than a few seconds

In adverse weather conditions, a truck takes this much longer to stop:


If the driver of a large truck or bus cannot see you in his rearview mirros, you are in:

"no-zone"/"blind spot"

If you approach an intersection and a large truck is stopped for a traffic light, what should you do?

Stop w/ enough distance so that you willl not be in a blind spot and you can see him in his mirror

Whe sharing the road with large trucks or buses, what should you do?

know limitations of these vehicles regrading visibility, stoping dist, maneuverability

To regain control in a skid, turn:

in direction of skid

if your wheels drift onto the dirt shoulder, you should do what?

Slow down, regain control, steer slowly back

If you have a flat tire or blowout you should do what?

take firm grip on steering, let up on gas, keep straight, coast to stop, brake when almost stopped

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