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Approximately two out of three malicious Web attacks have been developed using one of four popular attack toolkits


Attack toolkits range in price from only $400 to as much as $8,000.


Like a virus, a worm needs the user to perform an action such as starting a program or opening an e-mail attachment to start the infection.


Removing a rootkit from an infected computer is extremely difficult.


Software keyloggers are programs that silently capture all keystrokes, including passwords and sensitive information.


The most popular attack toolkit, which has almost half of the attacker toolkit market is ____.


____ is when an attacker tricks users into giving out information or performing a compromising action.

Social engineering

The two types of malware that have the primary objective of spreading are ____.

viruses and worms

A computer ____ is malicious computer code that reproduces itself on the same computer.


In a(n) ____ infection, a virus injects itself into the program's executable code instead of at the end of the file.

Swiss cheese

Unlike other malware, a ____ is heavily dependent upon the user for its survival.


A ____ virus is loaded into random access memory (RAM) each time the computer is turned on and infects files that are opened by the user or the operating system.


A ____ virus infects the Master Boot Record of a hard disk drive.


A ____ virus infects program executable files.


There are almost ____ different Microsoft Windows file extensions that could contain a virus.


A ____ is a series of instructions that can be grouped together as a single command and are often used to automate a complex set of tasks or a repeated series of tasks.


A(n) ____ virus adds a program to the operating system that is a malicious copycat version to a legitimate program.


Viruses and worms are said to be self-____.


A ____ is a program advertised as performing one activity but actually does something else.


A ____ is a set of software tools used by an attacker to hide the actions or presence of other types of malicious software, such as Trojans, viruses, or worms.


A ____ is a computer program or a part of a program that lies dormant until it is triggered by a specific logical event.

logic bomb

A(n) ____ refers to an undocumented, yet benign, hidden feature, that launches by entering a set of special commands, key combinations, or mouse clicks.

Easter egg

____ is a software program that delivers advertising content in a manner that is unexpected and unwanted by the user.


____ is an image spam that is divided into multiple images.

GIF layering

____ involves horizontally separating words, although it is still readable by the human eye.

Word splitting

____ uses "speckling" and different colors so that no two spam e-mails appear to be the same.

Geometric variance

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