history-election of 1852-sumner brooks

Franklin Pierce
democrat dark-horse candidate in election of 1852 and became President. His son died in tragic train accident and he became an alcoholic
Fugitive Slave Act
Federal officers were to catch runaway slaves
Uncle Tom's Cabin
written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Outsold the Bible. It was important because it revealed the evils of slavery to people in the North and they became Abolitionists
Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
ended the peace of the Compromise of 1850. Written by Senator Stephan Douglas. Reopened the slavery issue
Senator Stephen Douglas
wrote the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Senator from Illinois, called the "little giant"
Bleeding Kansas
two governements now in Kansas - one for slavery, one against. Violence-in May, 1856, 800 slavery supporters attacked antislavery capital of Lawrence and sacked it.
John Brown
led his four sons to a proslavery settlement and murdered 5 men. Started civil war in Kansas and over 200 people were killed.
Sumner-Brooks Affair 1856
Charles Sumner (MA senator) made insulting remarks about Brook's uncle - Brooks came into Congress and attacked Sumner. Significant because it revealed the rising hostility between North and South