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Grade 3 Desert Test - Wednesday, 10/14/15


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a street lined with shops or stalls for trade
a plant with a thick stem that holds water and has spines/needles
taking water from one place to a place that does not have water; farmers will water crops using irrigation
a place with very little vegetation and less than 10 inches of rainfall a year.
a period when very little or no rain falls; crops do not grow and animals and human find it difficult to survive
people who travel from one area to another
water changing into water vapor
a process by which dry areas of land suffer drought and become a desert
sand dune
These are ways animals adapt to living in the desert . . .
. . . they are nocturnal, burrow into the ground, and can go a long time without water.
Great Basin Desert
In the United States
Gobi Desert
in Asia
Saharah Desert
in Africa
What are the two types of deserts?
Hot and cold
What is a desert climate like?
Dry, with great temperature changes
What are the characteristics of a cactus?
Stores water, has spines & needles, has shallow root system
Differences between your life and a desert nomad's life . . . .
I eat any food; they eat wild game, edible plants, and insects.
I live in a house made of brick and wood; they live in tents, huts, and adobe homes.
I have a lot to drink; they gather water from rain.

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