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Geog 1110: World Geography Spring Semester Kay Weller

Value Added Product

-Finished Goods worth more than they did originally as a raw material
-Raw material with an "added value"
-More useful or higher value

Coastal Deserts

cool air over cold ocean holds little moisture-atacama dessert=driest place on earth (desert)

Natural Processes That Shape our Earth

-Glaciation: Processes of Glaciers
-Earth Quakes


-Lines of Longitude
-Prime Meridian: zero degrees (Grenich, England)
-Measures up to 180 degrees
-180 Degrees: International Dateline
-Converge at the Poles
-Measures East to West


-Lines of Latitude
-Equator: zero degrees
-Arctic and Antarctic Circles
-Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn
-Measures North to South

Absolute Location

Use of Coordinates/Mathematical Location

Relative Location

Define a place in relation to others

Large Scale Maps

Small Area, Detailed

Small Scale Maps

Larger Area, Less Detailed

Current Events

-Italy: Capsized Cruise Ship
-Mexico: Drought
-Iran: Threatening the production of nuclear weapons


map in which some thematic mapping variable is substituted for land area (e.g., GDP)

Oceans and Seas

-71% of water
-Biggest part of the Hydrologic Cycle
-Feeds 15% of the world population

Population of the US

312 Million


-Emigrant: Leaving
-Immigrant: Entering
-Both an Emigrant and an Immigrant when migrating

Adjectively Poor

Live on less than $1 a day

Less Developed Country

-High Population Growth Rate
-Dont Usually Have a Middle Class
-High Percentage of Rural Dwellers
-Lower Energy Consumption
-Lower Life Expectancy
-Lower Developed Countries

More Developed Countries


Orographic Precipitation

Moist air that gets pushed against a physical barrier, air gets raised and it releases precipitation and deserts result on the leward side.

Inclination of the Earth

23.5 Degrees

Dry Farming

Growing crops without the use of irrigation or extra water


Negative Effect- Salinization

Industrial Revolution

1700's in Great Britain

Fossil Fuels

Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas

Agricultural Revolution

Domestication of Animals and Plants


-Area of High Pressure
-Sinking air which causes it to warm

Things that Effect Climate

-Elevation or Topography
-Position within a land mass/continent


-Air cools and moisture is released
-Rain, snow, hail


-Weather over a long period of time
-Temperature and precipitation


Day to day


Description of the earth

Mental Maps

Personal Geographic creation

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