10 terms

APC Chapter 17

APC English 2 Honors Class Advancing Vocabulary Skills 2
admonish, advise, beseech, bid, call upon, caution, counsel, egg on, encourage, enjoin, entreat, goad, incite, insist, persuade, plead, preach, press, pressure, prick, prod, prompt, propel, spur, stimulate
baroque, bombastic, brilliant, camp, chichi, colorful, dashing, dazzling, elaborate, exciting, flaky, flaming, flashy, florid, gassy, gaudy, glamorous, jazzy, luscious, luxuriant, ornate, ostentatious, peacockish, pretentious, resplendent, rich, rococo, showy, splashy, sporty, swank, swashbuckling
characteristic, defect, eccentricity, failing, fault, frailty, idiosyncrasy, infirmity, kink, mannerism, oddity, peculiarity, quirk, shortcoming, singularity, vice, weak point, weakness
banal, bland, flat, innocent, innoxious, inobnoxious, inoffensive, insipid, jejune, kind, painless, safe, sapless, unobjectionable, unoffending, weak
Santa Claus, all heart, altruistic, beneficent, benevolent, big, bighearted, bountiful, charitable, considerate, forgiving, free, generous, great, greathearted, handsome, has heart in right place, high-minded, kindly, knightly, liberal, lofty, loose, munificent, noble, openhanded, selfless, soft*, soft-touch, ungrudging, unselfish, unstinting
bugger, coprophiliac, erotomaniac, exhibitionist, fetishist, narcissist, necrophiliac, nymphomaniac, paraphiliac, pederast, pedophiliac, rapist, sadist, satyr, scotophiliac, sodomist, sodomite, transvestite, voyeur, zoophiliac
accurate, cautious, conscientious, conscionable, crossing the t's, dotting the i's, exact, fastidious, fussy, heedful, microscopic, nitpicking, painstaking, particular, persnickety*, picky, precise, punctilious, punctual, scrupulous, stickling, strict, thorough
acerbity, acrimony, animosity, animus, antagonism, antipathy, aversion, bad blood, bile, dudgeon, enmity, grudge, hardness of heart, harshness, hate, hatred, hostility, ill feeling, ill will, malevolence, malice, malignity, mordacity, pique, resentfulness, resentment, retaliation, revengefulness, ruthlessness, spite, spitefulness, spleen, umbrage, uncharitableness, unfriendliness, variance, vengeance, vengefulness, venom, vindictiveness, virulence
allegation, arraignment, attribution, beef, blast, bum rap, censure, citation, complaint, denunciation, dido, exposé, gripe, impeachment, imputation, incrimination, indictment, insinuation, recrimination , roar, rumble, slur, squawk, stink
abhorrent, abominable, adverse, against, alien, antagonistic, antipathetic, averse, conflicting, contradictory, counter, creepy*, different, disagreeable, disgusting, distasteful, extraneous, extrinsic, foreign, foul, hateful, horrid, in opposition, incompatible, inconsistent, inconsonant, inimical, invidious, loathsome, nasty, nauseating, noisome, objectionable, odious, offensive, opposed, opposite, repellent, revolting, revulsive, sickening, unconformable, unfitted, unfriendly, vile