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Progressives supported greater participation in the political process through all of the following EXCEPT?
city manager government.
Underneath the surface...the activity of privilege appears, the privileges of the street railways, the gas, the water, the telephone, and the electric-lighting companies. The connection of these industries with politics explains the power of the boss machine.Who would most likely have made this statement?
a Muckraker.
John Dewey's theories on "progressive education" advocated all of the following EXCEPT?
knowledge of the facts was the purpose of education.
What was the federal government's attitude toward trusts during most of the Progressive period?
good trusts should be allowed to exist subject to proper governmental regulations
The Hepburn Act strengthened the authority of the Interstate Commerce Commission by?
giving it the power to set maximum rates that railroads could charge.
Which of the following statements about the presidential election of 1912 is TRUE?
it weakened the progressive wing of the Republican party for many years.
Woodrow Wilson's "New Freedom" and Theodore Roosevelt's "New Nationalism" were similar in that both?
expanded the government's role in regulating businesses and business monopolies.
In general, the women's club movement?
played an important role in winning passage of state laws regulating conditions of housing and the workplace.
The anti-immigration movement that emerged during the progressive period was fueled by all of the following EXCEPT?
a completely open immigration policy was contrary to American tradition.
Lincoln Steffens, in his series of articles entitled "The Shame of the Cities"?
unmasked the corrupt alliance between big business and municipal government.
When Woodrow Wilson became president in 1912, the most serious shortcoming in the country's financial structure was that the?
currency was inelastic
Ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment is considered a progressive victory because by?
providing for the direct election of United States senators, it took their election out of the hands of state legislatures.
The Federal Reserve System has improved on the earlier national banking system by providing for?
greater elasticity of credit and currency.
Theodore Roosevelt's chief criticism of the muckrakers was that they?
were more adept at exposing abuses than at constructive efforts
The Progressive movement's attitude toward monopoly was one of?
advocating the end of corporate privileges in government and the regulation or destruction of trusts.
The main purpose of initiative, referendum, and recall was to?
enlarge citizens' control over state and local governments.
The Clayton Anti-Trust Act?
explicitly legalized strikes and peaceful picketing.
The Nineteenth Amendment granting women the right to vote was embraced by many Progressives because?
the higher moral character of women would help clean up politics.
According to John Dewey, schools should?
become the instruments of reform by embracing the new ethic of social interdependence
What happened to bring about the passage in 1906 of the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act?
all of these choices are correct.
Jane Addams opened a settlement house for which of the following two reasons?
to help her neighbors and to create meaningful work opportunities for educated women.
The Niagara Movement, founded in 1905 by W. E. B. Du Bois, fought for?
universal suffrage and civil rights for African Americans
As a result of the increasing demands for reform in medicine by the progressives, the medical profession?
established the American Medical Association, to represent the field as a whole.
What is an accurate contrast between the Populists and politically active Progressives?
Populist supporters were largely Southern or Western agrarians, Progressive supporters were largely middle class urban professionals.
Most urban working people opposed the actions of the progressives against the party machines because?
the machines were a source of jobs and services.
The income tax amendment to the Constitution adopted in 1913?
recovered revenue lost by reducing the tariff.
Which of the following does NOT correctly describe the Progressives?
they represented farmers and the working class.
Jacob Coxey's 1894 march on Washington, D. C. called for?
an increase in the supply of paper money.
The advocates of women's suffrage significantly increased their general public support during the Progressive Era when they put increased emphasis on the argument that women's suffrage would?
enhance the likelihood of the successful enactment of other progressive reform causes.
With respect to government-controlled public lands, Roosevelt generally favored?
conservation with carefully managed development
Which statement describes both the "Square Deal" and the "New Freedom"?
they were the legislative programs of reforming presidents
Which of the following statements best summarizes Theodore Roosevelt's position on trusts?
good trusts should be tolerated while bad trusts are prevented from manipulating markets.
The progressive-inspired city-manager system of government?
was designed to remove politics from municipal administration
Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom?
favored small enterprise and entrepreneurship.
The ideology of progressivism, insofar as it had one, generally?
mixed a liberal concern for the poor with a conservative wish to control social disorder.
Which of the following was, in large part, a consequence of Upton Sinclair's 1906 book, The Jungle?
President Theodore Roosevelt supported passage of the Meat Inspection Act.