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Joshua's Social Studies-- China Review

Joshua's Social Studies-- China Review
China's Economy
1) In 1949, China became a communist country. 2)Mao was one of then worst dictators ever.
The Great leap Forward
1) In 1958, Mao created the Great Leap Forward to industrialize & make over more cities. 2) Since people were working in cities, shortage of food caused 30 million people to die.
The Cultural Revolution
1) In 1966, Mao created the cultural Revolution where kids join the red guards to violently rebel against elders such as doctors, artist, parents, etc to overthrow society.
Taiwan Since 1949
1) In 1949, the nationalists fled to Taiwan to start a new life.
Changes in China
1) In the 1970s, China's economy started to trade with the west (America).
New Leaders
1) In 1981 Deng Xiauping began the 4 Modernizations to industiralize Modernizations.
New Economic Plans
1) Deng set up special economic zones- capitalist cities. The cities made up 75% of the GDP. 2) Gross domestic product- total value of all goods
Hong Kong returns to China
Hong Kong returned to China by the British in 1997.
China Today
China is still a communist country with no political freedom and very poor human rights.