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6th grade History Chapter 8

A.D. 1520

What year did the explorers arrive?


What did explorers force Mayans to believe in?

Diego de Landa

Who was the priest that tried to force Mayans into Catholicism?

stretched on pulleys & burned with candles

What did they do to people who disagreed with the religion?

thick, dark hair

Describe the Mayas hair?

wore braids

What was one of the hairstyles that Mayans wore?

crossed eyes

Describe their eyes?

push boards on baby's head to make slanted

What did they put on a baby's head?

tatooed symbols & earrings
shaved foreheads
5 feet tall

Describe Mayan bodies?

took frequent baths

Describe their hygiene?

Absolute King or rule

What's the top level in Mayan society?

great sun lord

What does Makina mean?

true man

What does halach uinic mean?

the gods

Who were the kings descended from?


Who did the kings speak on behalf of?

Kings, Priests, Nobles, Peasants, Slaves

List the Levels of classes in order?

leaves & mushrooms

What did fortune tellers eat?


Who has the highest rank in charge?


Who holds an important position in government?


What do they call the man in charge of the armies?

artists, architect, traders, scribes, advisors, engineers

Name the lesser nobles?


Who did hard manuel work in society?


What is the bottom level & who committed crimes, were in debt, and prisoners of war?

tunics, breech-cloths, & sometime a cape

What type of clothing did men wear?

straight, plain dresses or wrap around skirts & blouses

What type of clothing did women wear?

earrings, armbands, necklaces, shells

What jewelry did the Mayans wear?

barefoot or sandals of straw & rope

What is their footware?

feathers, deerskins

What did the rich wear?

jaguar skin and jade, headdress, gold

What did the kings wear?


What did the Mayans do for a living?


What did the Maya's mostly grow?

grinding grain & weaving cloth

What kind of work did the women do?

meats, beans, fruit, corn & tamales

What kind of food did the Mayans eat?


What did they drink?

pok to pok

What was a name of a Mayan Game?

plazas of the cities

Where did the games take place?

made sacrifices

What did Mayans do before and after games?

everything had a spirit

What did the Mayans believe about everything in nature?

caused sickness

What did they believe the evil dwarfs caused?


Who did they believe healed all cures?

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