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  1. to slap or cuff; to strike repeatedly; to drive or force with blows; force one's way with difficulty
  2. filthy, wretched, debased
  3. to do without, give up voluntarily; to put off temporarily, defer
  4. great confusion,disorder
  5. disorderly, riotous, violent; stormy
  1. a chaos
  2. b waive
  3. c turbulent
  4. d buffet
  5. e squalid

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  1. extant
  2. commodious
  3. corrosive
  4. implicate
  5. renegade

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  1. to regard with horror or loathing; to hate deeplyabhor


  2. to change in a formal way; to change for the betteramend


  3. to bury, to consign to oblivioninter


  4. loud and noisy; compelling attentionvociferous


  5. dark, gloomy; depressed or melancholy in spiritcommodious