EO 4 TEST A New Nation

James Madison
Which President asked for a declaration of war, beginning the War of 1812?
Alexander Hamilton
Who was the first United States Secretary of the Treasury?
Which Native American leader sought to unify his people against the U.S. settlement of the Ohio River valley?
Aaron Burr
Who shot Alexander Hamilton?
Thomas Jefferson
Which political leader - and future President - believed that the federal government weakened the rights of states?
Lewis and Clark
Who was called on to map and journal the Louisiana Purchase?
Andrew Jackson
Which general won the Battle of New Orleans (after the Treaty of Ghent)?
Treaty of Ghent
Which document effectively ended the War of 1812, but simply returned the nations to their pre-war borders?
Judicial Review
What is the power of the Supreme Court to determine if laws are constitutional?
Whiskey Rebellion
What event allowed George Washington to prove that the new national government would be strong?
What action by a government stops or cancels trade with specific nations?
What was the United States position in the war between Great Britain and France?
War Hawk
What were congressman nicknamed who wanted to declare war on Great Britain?
Foreign Policy
What is the actions a government takes in relation to other nations?
Domestic Policy
What is the actions a government takes in order to govern itself?
What did President George Washington set by choosing well qualified advisers?
What is a tax on imported goods? Also known as a custom duty.
Marbury v. Madison
What Supreme Court case created judicial review?
Which of the first political parties supported a manufacturing economy, a strong federal government and the National Bank?
Which of the first political parties supported an agricultural economy and strong states' rights?
Presidential Cabinet
What is the President's official group of advisers called?
Barbary War
What conflict allowed the President Jefferson to show that the United States would not pay tributes in order to use waters for shipping?
XYZ Affair
What foreign policy event showed that the French did not hold the United States to be on equal terms with itself?
What term means to force sailors off their ships and into military service?
John Adams
Who was the second President of the United States?
Alien and Sedition Act
What set of laws did the Federalists pass in order to curb the influence of Republicans and French immigrants?
What word means to cancel or reject?
What term means to start or incite a rebellion?
Louisiana Purchase
What was the name of the large territory Jefferson bought from France?
Battle of New Orleans
Which battle brought Andrew Jackson to national prominence?