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The treaty of Cateau-Cambresis ended the conflict known as the

Hapsburg-Valois War

In the 15th century, many clerics held more than one benefice, a practice known as


The doctrine of indulgences rests on all of the following principles except belief

in salvation by faith alone

French Calvinists were known as


In 1521, Charles V ordered Luther to appear before the

Diet of Worms

The Saint Bartholomew's day Massacre led to

A lengthy civil war

Luther believed the church consisted of

the entire community of Christian believers

Luther's ideas about Roman exploitation of Germany

appealed to the political aspirations of German princes

In 1598, _______ issued the Edict of Nantes

Henry IV

John Knox was influential in the Reformation in


As a result of the Peace of Augsburg, the people of Germany

became either Lutheran or Catholic, depending on the preference of their prince

Luther viewed sex as

an act that could be destructive but was safely contained within marriage

The Protestant Reformation in Germany

compounded problems that had existed since the Middle Ages

When Charles V abdicated, _________ inherited the seventeen provinces that made up the Netherlands

Philip II

Ulrich Zwingli attacked all of the following except

the doctrine of the Trinity

Martin Luther's first response to the demands made by the Swabian peasants of their lords was

sympathy for the peasants

According to Calvin, the elect were

those individuals chosen for salvation

The Genevan Consistory

severely regulated the conduct of Genevans

The German Peasants' Revolt of 1525 greatly strengthened the authority of

lay rulers

According to text, the Calvinist doctrine of predestination led to a

confidence among Calvinists in their own salvation

Anabaptists generally favored all of the following except

abolition of baptism

The dissolution of English monasteries

resulted from Henry VIII's desire to confiscate their wealth

During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, between ____________ people were executed for witchcraft in Europe

40,000 and 60,000

The reformation in England was primarily the result of

the dynastic and romantic concerns of Henry VIII

Luther and Zwingli disagreed on which issue?

The Eucharist

The Pilgrimage of Grace attested to

popular opposition, in northern England, to Henry VIII's reformation

The Catholic Reformation, begun before 1517

sought to stimulate a new spiritual fervor

In religious affairs, Elizabeth I of England followed a policy that

was a middle ground between Catholic and Protestant extremes

__________ factors proved decisive in shaping the course of the Reformation in Eastern Europe


The overriding goal of the Catholic religious orders established in the sixteenth century was

to uplift the spiritual condition of both clergy and laity

A new religious order for women that emerged in the sixteenth century was the

Ursuline Order

France supported the Protestant princes of Germany in order to

prevent Charles V from increasing his power

The Protestant radicals like Anabaptists were

Attacked by both Protestants and Catholics

The significance of the German Peasants' War in 1525 was that it

Led Luther to call for absolute obedience to the state

The Peace of Augsburg

gave rulers of member states of the Holy Roman Empire the right to choose Catholicism or Lutheranism as their state religion

Ultimately the factor that determined the spread of Lutheranism was

Decisions made by princes or rulers to adopt or reject Protestantism

During the Reign of Terror, the dominant person on the Committee of Public Safety was

Maximilien Robespierre

During the Hundred Days

Napoleon returned from exile to rule France briefly

All of the following were true of the French clergy on the eve of the French Revolution except

they were under complete control of the papacy

All of the following were considered members of the third estate except


Which of the following occurred first?

Napoleon overthrows the Directory

________________'s mistress, Madame de Pompadour, exercised tremendous influence over the arts

Louis XV

According to the text, the Directory continued French wars of conquest begun by early revolutionary governments

because bug, victorious kept men employed and could draw sustenance from the conquered areas

The national assembly that ruled France from 1789 to 1791 passed laws that

broadened women's rights to seek divorce and inherit property

The treaty of ____________ (1802) left France in control of Holland and the Austrian Netherlands


_____________, Russia, and Sweden joined with Britain to form the third coalition


The American Revolution had its immediate origins in struggles over

increased taxes

Abbe Sieyes's answer to the question "What is the Third Estate?" was that it was

the true strength of the French nation

Napoleon defeated Austria and Russia at the battle of ___________ in 1805


The first great revolt against the Grand Empire occurred in __________ in 1808


The 1685, ____________ set the parameters of slavery and defined the rights of free people of color

Code noir

_____________ captured conservative opinion of the revolution in his Reflections on the Revolution in France

Edmund Burke

The ____________ marked the advent of the second revolution

fall of the monarchy

In the 1780's, over 50% of France's annual budget was expended on

interest payments on the debt

The legal definition of the composition of the prerevolutionary third estate included

everyone who was not a noble or member of the clergy

revisionist historians of the French revolution stress all of the following except the

conflict between the nobility and the bourgeoisie

The men elected to represent the third estate at the estates general were primarily

lawyers and government officials

the grievance petitions from all three estates called for all of the following except

an American-style republic

The tennis court oath was

sworn by renegade delegates from the estates general, most of them from the third estate

The term Great Fear refers to the

fear of vagabonds and outlaws in the countryside that fanned the flames of rebellion in the summer of 1789

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen guaranteed all of the following except

economic equality

The accomplishments of the national assembly included all of the following except

introduction of universal compulsory education

According to the text, the string of French military victories after the winter of 1793-1794 was largely due to

patriotism and the superior numbers supplied by the draft

The life-and-death political struggle between the Girondins and the mountain resulted mainly from

personal hatred and jealousy

According to the text, in the summer of 1789 the National Assembly was driven toward more radical action by

revolutionary actions by French peasants and the common people of Paris

The reign of terror ended when

members of the convention, afraid Robespierre would turn the Terror on them, had him arrested and executed

The reign of terror was directed primarily at

any and all enemies of the revolution

The __________ system was meant to exclude British goods from the continent


The Committee of public safety was

an emergency executive committee appointed by the Convention

Napoleon's invasion of _____________ began in June 1812


According to Olympe de Gouges,

men and women should be equal in the eyes of the law

One of the primary social results of the fourteenth century famine was

a decrease in the average age of marriage

Why were governments unable to secure price controls during the fourteenth century famine?

central governments didn't have the power to enforce the controls

The timing and appearance of the black death in western Europe in the fourteenth century was primarily due to

western Europe's increasing connection with international trade routes

There was a close causal connection between the spread of the Black Death and the

existing urban-0based trade routes

What strategy did western europeans eventually adopt that actually worked against the plague, even if they didn't understand why it worked?

quarantining the sick or even entire villages for forty days or until everyone ill had died

The staggering population losses of the fourteenth century led to all of the following long term effect except

the beginnings of feelings of national allegiance among the survivors

The church was most threatened by what radical idea of jan Hus and John Wyclif?

The priests were no the only ones who could receive communion and interpret the Bible

The most significant long term result of the Avignon Papacy and the Great Schism was to

end the idea of having a French Pope

The main difference between a guild-based economy and one in which capitalist dominate is guilds

only employ family members; capitalists strive to employ as many workers as possible

The late-medieval laws against rape are examples of which social trend?

An increasing awareness of the legal rights of women

What was not a major characteristic of Renaissance philosophy?


While medieval scholarship focused on the liberal arts, Renaissance education centered around studia humanitatis, which was

the study of grammar, rhetoric, poetry, history, and moral philosophy, known as the humanities

Columbus, like many of his fellow explorers, was principally motivated by

a desire to discover India

the earliest known explorers of North America were

the vikings

In the 30 years war, France supported

German protestants

The nation that considered itself the international defender of Catholicism was


By which treaty did the king of France, Francis I, recognize the supremacy of the papacy?

The concordat of bologna

The treaty of westphalia, which ended the thirty years war

completely undermined the holy roman empire as a viable state

the thirty years war was fought primarily on

german soil

The treaty of Cateau-Cambresis ended the

Hapsburg-Valois war

many Calvinists were murdered in Paris in1572 in the massacre of

St. Bartholomew's Day

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