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Chapter 7-China Builds an Empire-The Mongol Empire (lesson 3)

Who were the Mongols?

fierce nomadic warriors

How did Temujin become khan?

fought and defeated all his rivals for leadership one by one

Temujin changes his name to Genghis Khan, What does this mean?

universal ruler

what military advantage did the Mongols have?

moved quickly, looked for weak spots, attacked, and moved on

What relative replaced Genghis when he died

Ogadai, his son

How many khanates was the Mongol Empire divided into?

4 large groups..

Who took power over the Chinese part of the empire?

Kublai Khan, Genghis grandson

What year did the Mongols gain control of all China?

control of china in 1279

Who was the first ruler in 300 years to control all of China?

first ruler, Kublai Khan

What new dynasty was established?

Yuan Dynasty

What happened to the civil-service examination system?

ended the examination for choosing officials

What did Kublai Khan accomplish in this 15 years as China;s ruler?

rebuild china, restored the Grand Canal,built a paved highway ,created contacts

Describe the special ritual Kublai Khan performed every August.

scattering horse milk on the ground and calling out the name of his grandfather, Genghis Khan

What were traded along the silk roads?

silks, porcelain, tea,and other goods ,new foods, plants, and minerals

Who was Marco Polo?

famous European visitor who was a young trader from Venice, Italy

What made Marco Polo famous?

was Kublai Khan assistant and published((wrote) a book about his adventures.

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