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US history final

history final tomorrow... or actually today
what journalist called attention to the living conditions of tenement dwellers?
Jacob Riis
how did cities address the problems caused by urban living
public transportation, parks, sanitation
the first great boom in the west was spurred by
Miners looking for gold and silver
homesteaders on the plains usually build homes of
3 ft sections of sod- stacked like bricks
which of the following caused serious conflict among various groups of people in the west
cultural differences, econmomic -not enough jobs
which groups of Native americas were involved in conflicts in Texas?
Southern plains indians
which of the following called for african americans to pull themselves up from their own bootstraps
booker T. Wasington
some african american leaders responded to segregation by
establishing black newpapers, womens groups, colleges, universities
after the civil war farmers debt
farmers opposed the gold standard because they claimed it would
decreas their income and drop prices
the coinage act of 1873 caused protest by
banks and those involved in international trade
republicans claimed that high tariffs would
allow american industries to grow and create more jobs
wich of the following encouraged president arthur to pursue civil service reform
garfileds asssassination
to what group of people did populism primarily appeal
which of the following describes thomas nast
cartoonist that dreww boss tweed
the populists party
or the peoples party fight low prices demand ownership of railroads
many progressive reformers targeted city officials who built corrupt organizations called
political machines
which reform did the nineteenth amendment enact
womens right to vote
what puprose was the Womenst christian temperence union formed
to persuade states to prohibit the sale of alcohol
what feilds did progressives aim to reform
16,17,18,19 amendment
which of the following resulted from the passage of the dawes act of 1887
reservations were divided into smaller plots
in 1914 congress formed federal trade comission to
to monitor interstate trade
what happened within a year of united states navy commodore matthew perrys arrival in tokyo bay in 1853?
treaty to open trade with the us
rough riders
upperclass men from east , rugged men from the west -Spanish-American war
unilike britain frace and russia
U.S. wanted to keep trade open with China
in the beginning of the 20th century the U.S had become
used to military involvement overseas
what new relationship with hawaii did congress approve in 1898?
when Filipinos rebelled against U.S. rule, the United States found itself...
shock. same tactics spanish used in cuba
why did teddy rooselvel win the nobel peace prize?
peace treaty between russia and japan
what tactic did filipino insurgents use to undermine am power
guerrila warfare!
roosevelts "big stick" diplomacy
creating and using a strong military to achieve americas goals
diplomatic style most promoted military action
big stick
the build up of the U.S military in 1916 was an example of
Nicola Sacco and Barolomeo Vanzetti were
anarchists convicted of murdering 2 men during a robbery
what was the effect of the sedation act of 1918
limited freedom of speech
how did world war one contribute to the african american great migration?
creating jobs in the north
world war one brought increased immigration to the untied states from
why did congress pass the national defense act and the naval construction act in 1916?
to prepare for world war one
what international enent led to the Red Scare
revolution in russia
how did prohibition contribute to the growth of organized crime?
alcohol was illegal so there was a lot of money in the business and that created organized crime
what was a major resuld of Henry Ford's innovative manufacturing techniques?
sale price of cars went down and more americas could afford to buy them
the demand for automobiles in the 1920s was,,,
high and stimulated growth in other industries
during the 1920s american farmers as a group
decline in prices for their crops and increased production
under president coolidge the national economy...
was in the depths of a depression
in the 1920s how did most national leaders hope to go about avioding war?
avoiding close interaction with other nations
at its heart, the scopes trial was a clash between
school and church
the new woman of the 1920s
shorter hair and dresses,, got jobs
which group experienced an early depression in the 1920s?
during the 1920s the unted states economy moved through which phase of the business cycle?
at the onset on the Great depression, urban unemployment
improved a lot
farmers contributed to the problems that led to the dust bowl by
overfarming the land
preisdnet hoovver responded cautiously to the great depression because he
thought it would correct itself
president hoover urges congress to institure the RFC because he believed the economy suffered from
a lack of credit
why did many americans decide that the country needed new leadership in 1932?
voluntary action and community support were not working for most people
why were banks one of the first institutions to feel the effects of the stock market crash?
people feared for their money
both african americans and mexican americans had an espcially difficult time during the great depression because they
why did volunteerism fail?
people couldnt help themselves let alone thier neighbors
why did the bonus army march on Washington, D.C.
they were injured soldiers who had no money and the government promised them money so they came to get it
what did roosevelt and congress pass teh day after FDR's inaguration?
the new deal
some opponents of the new deal believed that it
threatened individual freedom
which opponent of the new deal believed that the program did not help poor americans?
Huey Long
and what did he propose?
what was the chief complaint of conservatives against the new deal?
made the government too powerful
how many terms did FDR serve as president?
which of the following extended job opportunities to Mexican Americans and other minority youth?
Civilian Conservatin Corps
Critics disaproved the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) because it..
gave government direct control of a business
populists party
ppls party; formed in 1891 to advocate a larger money supply and economic reforms
Farmers' Alliances
network of farmers organizations that worked for political and economic reforms in the late 1800s
W.E.B. Du Bois
said blacks should demand full and immediate equality- opposite of Booker T. Washington
Williams Jennings Bryan
populist party- presidential candidate- Sec. of state
Ida B. Wells
African american who fought for justice- wrote in Free Speech newspaper
poll tax
sum of money to be paid before you can vote
spoils system
giving a goverment job to your friend because they helped you out but they have no experience and may not be qualified
William Randolph Hearst
owned paper Morning Journal which was becoming very poplular
Emilio Aguinaldo
filipino nationalist- defeating the spanish army- fighting for freedom from spain-
moral diplomacy
Wilsons statement that the U.S. would not use force to assert influence in the world but promote human rights
political military and economic domination of strong nations over weaker territories
social darwinism
certain races or nations were superior to others and shoud rule over them
big stick diplomacy
strong military to achieve americas goals- teddy roosevelt
william howard taft
president in 1908 stole roosevelts ideas
spheres of influence
region dominated and controlled by an outside power
welfare state
goverment that assumes responsibility for providing for the welfare of the poor elderly sick and unemployed
federal art project
hire unemployed artits to creat artwords for public buildings and sponsored art education programs and exhibitions
Huey Long
disaproved FDR's New Deal
court packing
FDR plan to add up to 6 new justices to the 9 member supreme court after the court had ruled that some new deal legislation was unconsitiutional
pump priming
economic theory that favored public works projects because they put money into the hands of consumers who would buy more goods - stimulating the economy
works progress administartion
WPA-key new deal agency that provided work relief through various public works projects