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an individual who undertakes the creation, organization, and ownership of a business


a business undertaking involving risk


the process of getting into and operating one's own business


the branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services and their management

free enterprise system

an economic system in which people are free to operate their businesses as they see fit, with little government interference


money that is left after all the expenses of running a business have been deducted from the income


intangible items that have monetary value and satisfy needs and wants

factors of production

resources of land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship used to produce goods and services


when wants are greater than resources


the amount or quantity of goods or services that consumers are willing and able to buy


when a small change in price produces a large change in demand


when a small change in price produces little or no effect on the quantity demanded


elements affecting a business that are not controlled by the entrepreneur

enterprise zones

specially designated areas of a community that provide tax benefits to new businesses locating there and grants for new product development


an idea that has commercial value

start-up resources

resources an entrepreneur needs to have when starting a business, including capital, skilled labor, management expertise, legal and financial advice, a facility, equipment, and most imprtantly, customers

business failure

a business that files bankruptcy and loses money for creditors, the people who lent them money, and their investors


a business that is operating under a new name or a business that has been purposely discontinued


striving for the same customer or market


the amount of money one puts into a business as capital


the buildings, equipment, tools, and other goods needed to produce a product, or the money used to purchase these items


a company that is organized for commercial purposes

foundational skills

math, communication, and decision-making skills that entrepreneurs use regularly in setting up and running a business

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