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EFL Grammar Intermediate Ch 10 Adjectives with their prepositions

To be acquainted

To know WITH

to be bored

to not be interested WITH

to be composed

to be made OF

to be crowed

to have a lot of people there WITH

to be devoted

very loyal to something TO

to be disappointed

to have had hope but not now IN

to be divorced

to not be married anymore FROM

to be done

to be finished WITH

to be engaged

to promise to marry TO

to be excited

to be really really happy ABOUT

to be exhausted

to be really tired FROM

to be frightened

to be scared OF

to be involved

to be in the situation IN

to be married

to be a legal partner TO

to be opposed

to not agree TO

to be qualified

to have the experience and/or education FOR

to be related

to be a family member TO

to be worried

to be troubled ABOUT

to be satisfied

to be happy WITH

to be prepared

to be ready FOR

to be made

to be composed OF

to be interested

to want to know about IN

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