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  1. PPO
  2. SPF-sun protection factor
  3. radiant heat exchange
  4. negligence
  5. HMO
  1. a preferred provider org
  2. b failiure to provide reasonalbe care that any person w/ the same qualifications and in the same situation would provide
  3. c sunscreen effectiveness in absorbing the sunburn inducing radiation
  4. d health maintenance org
  5. e process by which radiant heat from the sunshines causea and increases in body temp

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  1. physical contact w/ othe robjects that results in eithe rheat loss or heat gain
  2. to the amount desired
  3. results from prolonged and constant exposure to cold for many hours and produces skin redness, swelling, tingling, and pain in the toes and fingers
  4. cond where the body has abnormally high temp
  5. a traditional fee for service plan

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  1. HMOpreferred provider org


  2. PPOa form of medical insurance that provides discounted health care, but limits where the ind can go for treatment


  3. convective heat exchangeprocess by which body heat can either be lost or gained depending on the temp of the circulation medium


  4. tortlegal wrong committed against a person by another person


  5. statute of limitationsspecific length of time that an ind may sue for damages