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  1. PPO
  2. radiant heat exchange
  3. point of pervice plan
  4. evaporative heat loss
  5. acclimatization
  1. a process by which sweat glands in the skin allow water to be transported to the surface, where it then evaportes, taking large quantities of heat w/ it
  2. b a form of medical insurance that provides discounted health care, but limits where the ind can go for treatment
  3. c process of becoming accustomed to a new environment
  4. d process by which radiant heat from the sunshines causea and increases in body temp
  5. e a combo an an HMO and a PPO

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  1. sunscreen effectiveness in absorbing the sunburn inducing radiation
  2. physical and mental effects caused by traveling rapidly across several time zones
  3. health maintenance org
  4. a traditional fee for service plan
  5. written statement that describes the risk in which ind assumes responsiblity. by siging this statment the individual acknowledges the hazards present

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  1. tortlegal wrong committed against a person by another person


  2. convective heat exchangephysical contact w/ othe robjects that results in eithe rheat loss or heat gain


  3. hyperthermiacond where the body has abnormally low temp


  4. ad libitumto the amount desired


  5. PPOpreferred provider org