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  1. hyperthermia
  2. statute of limitations
  3. point of pervice plan
  4. capitation
  5. WGBT indez
  1. a the universial wet bulb globe temp incorprorates readings from several diff thermometers to measure heat and humidity
  2. b a form of reimbursement where the member of managed care pays a standard fee on a monthly basis regardless of the cost of services rendered
  3. c specific length of time that an ind may sue for damages
  4. d cond where the body has abnormally high temp
  5. e a combo an an HMO and a PPO

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  1. written statement that describes the risk in which ind assumes responsiblity. by siging this statment the individual acknowledges the hazards present
  2. health maintenance org
  3. cond where the body has abnormally low temp
  4. failiure to provide reasonalbe care that any person w/ the same qualifications and in the same situation would provide
  5. legal wrong committed against a person by another person

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  1. circadian dysrhthmiato the amount desired


  2. PPOa form of medical insurance that provides reimbursement for 100% of medical costs, but limits where the ind can recieve care


  3. liabilitystate of legal responsiblity for the harm on person causes another


  4. SPF-sun protection factorsunscreen effectiveness in absorbing the sunburn inducing radiation


  5. ad libitumto the amount desired