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  1. THAR DESERT(too hot, too dry), HIMAYALAN MOUNTAINS ( too cold, too steep)
  2. NEAR INDUS RIVER (Northwest part of India)
  4. SEALS
  5. owner was WEALTHIER than others

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  1. What happened to Mohenjodaro?NEAR INDUS RIVER (Northwest part of India)


  2. What are some objects found in Mohenjodaro that tell us that the people had extra time to make pretty things?BEADS, JEWELRY, TOYS


  3. Between which mountains is the Deccan Plateau located?EASTERN & WESTERN GHATS


  4. Where did earliest human settlements develop?FOOD, DRINK, WASHING, TRANSPORTATION, TRADE


  5. How do we know people used animals & carts to move things in Mohenjodaro?FOUND CLAY MODEL of BULL & CART