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Vocabulary 13 "Before" and "After" Words

antecedent (n)
word that a pronoun refers to (an antecedent usually comes before its pronoun)
antediluvian (adj)
very old; primitive
antemeridian (adj)
occurring before noon
antepenult (n)
syllable before the next-to-last syllable; third syllable from the end of a word
anterior (adj)
situated before or toward the front
metacarpal (adj)
having to do with any of the five long bones after the carpus (wrist) and before the fingers
metaphysics (n pl)
branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of existence
metastasis (n)
spread of a malignancy from its original site to other parts of the body
metempsychosis (n)
supposed after existence, or passing of the psyche (soul) at death into another body, either human or animal; transmigration of souls
posterior (adj)
coming after; situated behind or toward the back
posterity (n)
those born after a person; descendants; future generations
posthumous (adj)
born after the death of one's father; published or occurring after one's death
postprandial (adj)
occurring after a meal; after dinner
predecease (v)
die before another person
prerecord (v)
record in advance, before use or broadcasting
prescient (adj)
seeming to have knowledge of events before they occur; gifted with foresight
presentiment (n)
feeling that something unfortunate is about to happen before that event occurs; foreboding
prognosis (n)
forecast; prediction of the probable course of an illness; prognostication
prophesy (v)
foretell; indicate beforehand; predict
prophylaxis (n)
preventative treatment against disease