Test 3 Mod 2

Signature on file maybe indicated on the CMS-1500 claim form when signed assignment of benefits form is retained in the patient,s health record
Medicaid and workerrs compensation have adopted the use of the CMS-1500 in all states
List all services on the insurance claim form, including "no charge" services
A common abbrevation for a transurethral electrosugery of the prosstate is TURP
The most common condition of the prostate is BPH
What is the name of the book that contains a coded listing of proceducers with unit values that indicate the realative value of various services
The resource-based relative value scale (RBRVS) was developed for
a. the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
b. Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
C. managed care organizations.
D. workers' compensation insurance plan.
a. the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
The two-digit modifier - 5 7 means
a. prolonged E/M services
b. Reduced services.
c. decision for surgery.
D. mandated services.
c. decision for surgery.
What does bundling mean?
a. When the code system used ona claim submitted to an insurance carrier does not
match the code system used by the company receiving the claim.
b. Reduced services. decision for surgery. mandated services.
c. Coding and billing numerous CPT codes to identify procedures that are usually described by a single code.
d. Grouping codes that are related to a procedure
d. Grouping codes that are related to a procedure
What code is used for an intramuscular injection of prochlorperazine (Compazine)
a. 96365
b. 96372-
c. 90749
d. 90702
b. 96372-
The health insurance claim form (CMS-1500) is known as the
A. Standard form
C. universal claim form
D. Attending physician statement
C. universal claim form
n insurance claim from that contains no staples or highlight areas and on which the bar code areea has not been deformed is called
A. A clean form
B. A paper claim
C. A physically clean claim
D. an error-free claim
C. A physically clean claim
An insurance claim submitted with errors is refered to as
A. A dingy claim
B. A dirty claim
C. A rejected claim
D. An incomplete claim
B. A dirty claim
If you receive a request. accomplished with the correct autorization, asking to abstract medical information frfom a patient's medical record
A. Send the patient entire medical record
B. Send only information required
C. Send the patients medical record and finanical record
D. None of the above
B. Send only information required
OCR is the acronym for
A. Open code resource
B. Optical character recognition
C. optical code recognition
B. Optical character recognition
A gland below the bladder and the surrounding the urethra
A. Vas deferens
B. Bulbourethral
C. Bartholin
D. Seminal vesicle
E. Prostate
E. Prostate
Inflammation of the glans penis
A. Orchitis
B. Hydrocele
C. Varicocele
D. Balanitis
E. Epididymitis
D. Balanitis
An Androgen
A. Luteinzing hormone
B. hCG
C. Testosterone
D. Estrogen
E. Progesterone
C. Testosterone
Testicular carcinoma
B. Seminoma
C. Hypernephroma
E. Chlamydia
B. Seminoma
Sterilization procedure
A. Vasectomy
B. Circumcision
C. Orchiotomy
A. Vasectomy
The sac containing the male donad
A. Perineum
B. Peritoneum
C. Epididymis
D. Scrotum
D. Scrotum
Whichof the following is not an STD
B. Gonorrhea
D. Syphilis
Absence of a testicle
A. Anorhism
B. Anorchism
C. Anorkism
B. Anorchism
Carcinoma of tests
A. Embrional
B. Embryonal
C. Enbryomal
B. Embryonal
Scanty sperm production
A. Olagospermia
B. Oliosspermia
C. Oligospermia
C. Oligospermia
An instillation procedure of the bladder is performed for treatment of
A. Obstruction
C. Bladder cancer
D. Pain
C. Bladder cancer
When lithotripsy is performed, the patient may be surrounded by
B. Liquid
C. Stones
D. Gel
B. Liquid
The term that describes the study of the motion of the flow of urnine is
B. Urinology
C. Urodynamics
D. Urofunction
C. Urodynamics
Missing place of service code
E. Verify that the place of service is correct for the submitted procuder codes and fill in correct service code
The Insurance claim was submitted to the secondary instaed of the primary insurer
I. Obtain data from patient during the first office visit on which company is the primary insurer
Patients name and insured number is incorect
B. Check for Sr., Jr., correct birth date, and verify the insured
The patient's insurance number is incorrect
A. Proofread numbers carefully from source documents
Incorrect modififier
G.Verify and submit valid modifiers with the correct procedure codes for which they are valid
Operative report is missing from the insurance claim
J. Submit all attachments with the patient's name and insurance identification number
Produre code is missing
F. Refer to the current procedure codebooks and verify the coding system used by the insurance company
Diagnostic code is missing
C.Refer to an updated diagnostic codebook and review the patient record
Total amounts do not equal itemized charged
H. Total of all charges on each claim, recheck the math, and verify amounts with patient account
Duplicates dates of service listed
D. Verify with the patient's medical record that all dates of service are listed and accurate
One of a pair of long tightly colied tubes on top of each testi
D. Epididymis
Sensitive tip of the penis
H. Glans penis
Two infants resulting from division of one fertilized egg into two distinct embryos
I. Identical twins
Pair of exocrine glans near the male urethra; sccrete fluid into the uretra
A. Bulbourethral glands
Tube through which semen enters the male urethra
C. Ejaculatory duct
External region between the anus and scrotum
K. Perineum
Two infants born of the same pregnancy from two seperate egg cells fertilized by two different sperm cells
G. Fraternal twins
The essential, distinctive cells of an organ
J. Parenchyma
Hair-like projection on a sperm cell
F. Flagellum
Inability of an adult male to acheive an errection; impotence
E. Erectile dysfunction
Foreskin of the penis
L. Prepuce
Ejection of sperm and fluid from the male urethra
B. Ejaculation