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  1. Lighting Equipment on Projected Loads
  2. Reflectors
  3. Use of Video Equipment & T.V. Receivers
  4. Maximum length of motor vehicle
  5. Audible Warning Devices
  1. a ~Red flags.
    ~Flags at least 12 inches square.
    ~At least 4 feet beyond the bed or body of the vehicle.
    ~Loads beyond the sides or more than 4 feet beyond the vehicle's rear shall display red flags.
  2. b ~Red.
    ~15-60 inches in height.
  3. c ~MV may not be equipped with T.V., digital disc or, videocassette player; or similar equipment if video display is NOT visible from operator's seat.
  4. d ~45 feet-motor vehicles
  5. e ~audible under normal conditions at a distance of 200 feet.

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  1. ~24-42 inches in height.
  2. ~A vehicle or combination of vehicles may not carry a load that extends more than 3 feet beyond its front or, except as permitted by other law, 4 feet beyond its rear.
  3. ~102 inches.
    ~Passenger vehicle may not carry a load extending more than 3 inches beyond the left side line of fenders or more than 6 inches beyond the right side line of fenders.
  4. ~Front:white or amber or color between white and amber; Rear:red or amber or color between red and amber.
  5. ~Does not apply to rear windows if vehicle is equipped with two outside mirrors that reflect a minimum of 200 feet to the rear.

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  1. Muffler Required~Shall be equipped with a muffler in good working condition that continuously operates to prevent excessive or unusual noise.


  2. Brakes Required~Not required if gross weight is 4500 lbs, or less; or if heavier than 4500 lbs, but not heavier than 15000 lbs. If drawn at speed of not more than 30 mph.


  3. Fog Lamps~Red, amber or color between red and amber.


  4. Headlamps~12-30 inches in height.


  5. Other Lamps~displayed at nighttime or when light insufficient or atmospheric conditions persons or vehicles not discernable at 1000 feet.