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fluid filling the anterior segment of the eye

aqueous humor

the white of the eye; composed of tough, white, opaque, fibrous connective tissue


part of the retina that lacks photoreceptors

optic disc

modification of the choroid that controls the shape of the crystalline lens and contains the ciliary muscle

ciliary body

drains the acqueous humor from the eye

scleral venous sinus

layer containing the rods and cones


substance occupying the posterior segment of the eyeball

vitreous humor

forms the bulk of the heavily pigmented vascular layer


smooth muscle structures

ciliary body, iris

area of critical focusing and discriminatory vision

fovea centralis

form (by filtration) the acqueous humor

ciliary processes of the ciliary body

light-bending media of the eye

acqueous humor, cornea, vitreous humor, lens

anterior continuation of the sclera - your "window on the world"


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