13 terms

Anatomy Lab, Eye Part II

fluid filling the anterior segment of the eye
aqueous humor
the white of the eye; composed of tough, white, opaque, fibrous connective tissue
part of the retina that lacks photoreceptors
optic disc
modification of the choroid that controls the shape of the crystalline lens and contains the ciliary muscle
ciliary body
drains the acqueous humor from the eye
scleral venous sinus
layer containing the rods and cones
substance occupying the posterior segment of the eyeball
vitreous humor
forms the bulk of the heavily pigmented vascular layer
smooth muscle structures
ciliary body, iris
area of critical focusing and discriminatory vision
fovea centralis
form (by filtration) the acqueous humor
ciliary processes of the ciliary body
light-bending media of the eye
acqueous humor, cornea, vitreous humor, lens
anterior continuation of the sclera - your "window on the world"