Science -Force and Motion words

39 terms by jinnyloke

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useful words to know for force and motion


changing position, the act of changing location from one place to another

triangle formula

a method used to rearrange the symbols of scientific equations


how far an object has travelled, size of the gap between two places


what a variable or quantity is measured by


how long a journey takes

speed and velocity

how fast an object is travelling (both names, s----- and v-------)


instrument used to measure speed/velocity, a meter fixed to a vehicle that measures and displays its speed

instantaneous speed

the speed of an object at one instant in time

average speed

a measurement of the middle rate of speed of a journey

distance-time graph

graph in which distance is measured against time


steepness of a graph line


object that is not moving due to equally applied forces

constant speed

object that is moving at the same rate because of equally applied forces


increase of the speed/velocity of an object


decrease in the speed of an object


an amount of something


an aspect of a situation/experiment that is changed

scientific formula

an equation that links several variables


squashing of an object


the act of lengthening/stretching an object


amount of matter in an object


unit of mass


equal to 1000 grams


force of gravity on an object

gravitational force

caused by the gravitational pull of the Earth


unit of force

directly related

one variable increases as the other increases

inversely related

one variable decreases as the other increases


amount of space an object or substance occupies


mass of a standard volume of a substance


force which arises when two substances rub together


friction created when a solid passes through air or water

kinetic energy

energy possessed by moving bodies

heat energy

energy which causes a rise in temperature


force acting per unit area

balanced forces

equal and opposite forces

Newton's First Law

an object will remain still or at a constant speed unless acted on by an outside unbalancing force


forces always come in pairs


forces of attraction between bodies that have mass eg. people to earth, the moon to the earth, the earth to the sun

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