Science- Electricity words

40 terms by jinnyloke

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what the title says, please tell me if there are typos


form of energy which can travel along conductors


needed to do or change things, anything that can do work or make a change

static electricity

the build-up of of electrical charge on an insulator, electrical charge that remains on an object

charged particles

paraticles that carry electricity


either solid, liquid or gas, that which has mass and occupies space


extremely small particles which all matter is made up of


negatively charged particles which orbit the nucleus of an atom


neutrally charged paricles which are contained in the nucleus of the atom


positively charged particles which are contained in the nucleus of the atom


central core of an atom containing protons and neutrons


objects that electricity is allowed to pass through


objects that do not allow electrons to travel thourh

negatively charged

objects that have gained electrons making them... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

positively charged

objects that have lost electrons making them _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


complete conducting loop where all components are linked together

free electrons

electrons which are able to to transfer through a substance

circuit diagram

simple way of drawing electrical circuits


point of attachment for wires to a battery or meter


the flow of electrons around a conducting circuit

energy supplier

an object such as a battery, power pack or the wall socket w_ _ _ s _ _ _ _ _ _ _


objects which are part of an electrical circuit, lanp, battery, resistor etc

energy user

object which converts electrical energy into other forms e _ _ _ _ _ u _ _ _

series circuit

circuit in which all components are in a single 'loop'

parallel circuit

circuit in which there are two or more 'loops'

alternating current

AC current that keeps changing direction


unit of current

direct current

DC current which travels in one direction only

voltage gain/loss

the loss or gain of energy by the current v_ _ _ _ _ g_ _ _ /l _ _ _


unit of voltage gain or loss


meter used to measure the size of a current


meter used to measure the gain or loss of _ _ _ _ _ _ _


lets the current travel in one direction only d_ _ _ e


a thin wire which melts if the current is too large


property which makes it hard for electrons to pass r _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


a component used to limit the current in a branch/part of a circuit


a variable resistor with a large coil of resistance wire (think of mood lighting)


unit of resistance


energy gained or lost by the circuit


total amount of energy supplied or used per second


unit of power

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